BV featured in Town and Country Feb issue

  1. There is a full page about new bags on page 53: Leather Cervo Book Bag (looks like a pochette from the picture, though) with a braided "sun" on the front in oxidized platinum for $780; two new knot bags with a butterfly on the front (not the best design for the knot I've ever seen) in lizard in shades of tan called marble and aurora, $3600; a fantastic cabat called the Barcelona Cabat in oxidized platinum for $7250 and a croc jewelry box in moutarde for .... $25,900...

    Sorry, can't scan it now but thought I'd pass the info on!
  2. Thanks mistikat!! Gotta go check it!!
  3. Ooh I'd love to see some scans! Pretty please~
  4. the leather cervo book bag with the braided sun sounds like the bag i ordered at the trunk show. i can't wait to see it again.
  5. Hmmm, I'll have to go look at that magazine. I'm always looking for BV to be featured. Other brands seem to show up a lot more often.
  6. There was also a croc handbag in another spread.... will try to take a scan now and post.
  7. OK, here they are. Sorry they are somewhat small but there was no other way to get them to display here... but the images are big enough to see, I think, if you click on them!
    Town-and-Country-2.jpg Town-and-Country-3.jpg
  8. Thanks! They look beautiful
  9. The croc bag is (cough, cough) nearly $32,000. But that oxidized Cabat is seriously to die for....