BV "fantasy" color! What's yours?

  1. As I'm counting the minutes before my weekend commences...a BV daydream takes over "Gosh, I'd love a navy blue Veneta". A rich, gorgeous, bright (hint of cobalt) navy that will match with all of my blue jeans! :girlsigh: 2nd choice would be a light, blue-ish grey. I love cool-tones and have blue on the mind!

    What about you? What color would you choose?

    TGIF, have a wonderful weekend everyone! :yahoo:
  2. i would love a blue campana.....
  3. Oh what a great thread! I would love a really bright, royal purple - that deep, bluey purple that feels like royalty....

    Have a great weekend!
  4. nice thread!

    i wish i had something in a rich dark blue...i`d also like a deep forresty green or emerald, a jewel-tone green...

    then, i`d also go for a dark grey, a little darker than limo but more blueish than pepe and a brown shade a little darker than noce...i miss the color sienna!

    and since i liked their idea of the tartan bags, why not have two different colors interwoven?

    gosh, am i demanding or what? *lol*
  5. i want babyblue :drool:
  6. ^^ I saw a baby blue croc campana a while ago. It was beautiful. It was $12000, though :sweatdrop:
  7. I'm in the bluey purple camp - would love a deep, velvety indigo Roma or Campana.
  8. Wow, we're all in a "blue" mood! But, seriously, isn't it difficult to find a luxurious blue color? I've coveted a blue handbag, seemingly, forever. I've come across one or two, but they were either patent, too casual, or trendy.
  9. Mmmmm...that would be lovely!
  10. Periwinkle
  11. A blue identical to Hermes' Blue Jean color. Drool.
  12. I'd go for that. My favorite Chloe is blue jeans moyen.
  13. ah yeah, hermes blue jean or noisette colour, and balenciaga aqua green
  14. oh and if it is possible, a white-green jade colour... maybe it has to be bi-colour but the colour melt nicely like jade.... I definitely BUY that Venetta !!!!!!!!!!
  15. I would love a Veneta bag in that Balenciaga colour that everyone covets. I can't remember what it's called but it was a mix between aqua and turquoise and was beautiful.