BV fans - have you seen the woven Cole Haan shoes?

  1. It may be sacrilege to point BV fans elsewhere, but have you seen the Cole Haan Scarletta shoe? (On sale at many retailers currently.) I have a pair of BV shoes with some weaving and the BV is definitely "tigher", but these Cole Haan shoes are quite nice if you don't mind mixing and matching. They also have a woven boot.

    Anyway, I'm a fan...
  2. I love those Cole Haan woven boots, I was wondering when someone in this forum would mention them!
  3. I was just at Nordstroms today wearing my woven BV flats, and saw what I assume is the same shoe you mentioned. It is one of the nicer woven shoes that are not BV, but when I held it, the weaving is not as even and the leather, of course, is not as soft. Nice price though, and I'm sure very comfortable!
  4. I have thought about that as I am too hard on shoes to buy BV ones! Thanks for bringing it up!
  5. I haven't seen them in person but they look nice online. I like the woven pumps and hope BV will have something similar soon.
  6. I'm glad to hear that so many of you concur! I have a pair of BV shoes I bought on sale in France and I am hard enough on them that they get scuffed easily. Only when I hold both pairs up to my eyes and compare do I notice a difference.... something we rarely do with shoes. I own all 3 colors currently, but may return one of them. I so wanted the woven boots, but I can't wear that high of a heel.

    I just had to share as I had been also waiting for someone to mention this on the forum as well and finally just decided to post myself!
  7. Cole Haan has made woven shoes for awhile--I have a pair that still looks good, so they are nice quality.
  8. As a BV fan myself I couldn't help but noticing these trainers by Kim Jones on (mens, on sale, some 77 GBP). And by the way, what do you guys think about these new WOVEN napa Prada creations? Prices are ~ 2,7K
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