BV - Fall\winter colletion - WawOoooo

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  1. bellow are selected pictures of the Fall\winter handbags collection ....
    The catalog will be out soon maybe by next week :heart:

    Check them out -
    Especially for ppl who are thinking of get a Sloane bag...
    The New Sloane is amazing.... :yahoo:

    Also the collection if so different this Season
    00270m.jpg 00240m.jpg BV_Hand_painted Python bag.jpg 00080m.jpg
  2. drool...such lovely bags
  3. That Sloane is so HOT! :drool: I can't wait for the catalogue to come out!
  4. *drools* wow that sloane is fantastic!
  5. :yahoo:
  6. Oooo - I hope someone will post photographs of the catalogue when it arrives! :flowers:
  7. Can't wait to see them! =)
  8. mm, quick question, where can i have the catalog sent to my house?
    the sloane is very exquisite, but looks like it's going to be a lot pricier...
  9. Just call any boutique or call Ana and asked to be added to the mailing list. They should be sending out the new catalogs in the new few weeks I believe.
  10. Can't wait to view.
  11. thanks dervilfal! :heart:
  12. More ... Pic's :heart::heart::heart:

    the cataloge will have a soft-copy in the offical BV website
    BV_Blond patent-leather handbag.jpg 00010m.jpg 00020m.jpg 00210m.jpg 00260m.jpg
  13. More ...

    Can't wait to put down my name in the waiting list ...
    00220m.jpg Milano-BV-1.jpg 00070m.jpg 00250m.jpg
  14. By the Way BV FAll collection colors , will be :
    - Strong Deep Red .
    - Blond.
    - Black .
    - & the natural colors
  15. My choice from those pic's mmmm since I already have the Sloane bag ( Look at the pic)
    mmm I'll go for the pic i posted :heart: I don't know what's the name of that bag ! " i think it's a new model BV will introduce" ( it looks nice & also easy to wear )

    I'm afraid it will be too pricy !!! it looks around 3000 pounds !!!! :wtf: