Seasonal BV Fall/Winter 2009! Pics and Discussion Here

  1. i love this:love:
  2. I like that one too Hermes Junkie! Does it look like little applied leather squares, or is it woven?
  3. Isn't that cool? It looks like the squares are sewn on with an X.

    ps - you are not fooling me with that statement in your signature...:graucho: (I think I could possibly be happy with just one more bag!!! BV Cabat - need to find the perfect color!) Yeah, sure!
  4. argh, you caught me! LOL! I just can't make a decision about which bag I want next!:roflmfao:
  5. Bryan just sent me two pix which i think really show the gloriousness of the FW 09 purpley color we have all drooled over.... in a ultra chic, super limited edition cabat.... the color is called REFLECT which IMO is a perfect name

    Apparently BV is only going to produce in the Medium size, AND only25 pieces for the US.

    Bryan says the color is a burgundy/bronze, in nappa, made with the same material/technique as the Peltro cabat

    questions, contact bryan -


    BV PRE-FALL 2009.jpg cabat reflect.jpg
  6. :drool: Did Bryan mention about the price of this beauty?
  7. shopaholic&baby - bryan did NOT mention the price of this beauty, more details to come. it is a beauty though right? eesh, the money tree.
  8. Bryan believes the Reflect is about $5950 USD, but will confirm. By way of comparison, the medium copper cabat for SS09 is $4700 according to the website.
  9. the reflect is gorgeous. too bad or maybe fortunately a little expensive.
  10. nice if I have a money tree or win the lottery....
  11. well, i guess this may be why they are showing us a taste of FW2009 - even before march 2009 has ended :smile: time to save...........
  12. can this be SO'ed in an asian size? In nappa this would be much lighter than in goatskin
  13. Reflect is definitely a reflection of how much money goes into that single cabat.
    Georgeuzzz, wish it was not that hard to part with my hard earned money. They just refuse to leave my bank...