BV Fall colors ..

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  1. the Colors for the Fall\winter 2007-2008

    the main colors will be ::
    - Black .
    -strong Red .
    - Green .
    - Blond.

    & I'll have some pic's of the new collections Soon... I'll share it with you once I get it ..

    It will be a W:huh:ooW collection :smile:

    Can't wait to put down my name on the waiting list ...
  2. Here are some pic's ...

    I'll have more ... soon ...

    Attached Files:

  3. Love the exotics!
  4. By the way the Snak Bags are Hand painted ...
  5. Interesting, thanks for the info.!
  6. Thanks. Not so typical BV i.e. intrecciato - not that it's bad.
  7. mmm I agree with you ms piggy ( Not Typical BV ) , but the collection will include somemore typical BV ( with the little squares :smile:
  8. I'm dissapointed at the posted collection. I mean always u expect from bottega their intrecciato. this is a total shift from their previous collections.

    Me being the most layal fan of bottega in the world, i find it heartbreaking to see them deviating from thier original bottega touch.

    I hope to see the new ones that you said will still look a typical bottiga....
  9. Thanks for sharing :tender:
  10. Aside from the signature intrecciato weaving, BV is also known for the use of exotic materials. My guess is that aside from its classic range, they are also being creative to keep loyal fans interested and the selections fresh. I know sometimes it hard to appreciate BV without the famed lattice look.
  11. These new styles are the runway bags. They will still have the classics.
  12. I've read somewhere that old petra won't be returning this winter, anyone know anything about that? I was just about to cut out all my spending to save up for any bv bag in that colour.
  13. Btw, is Ferro a F/W color? Wonder if they will come out a wallet in this color?
  14. Yup, Ferro is introduced for the F/W collection and they`ll surely have wallets coming in this color...

    Can`t wait to browse the new catalogue though...
  15. would like to see more pics...
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