BV explosion at Bluefly...!

  1. I don't know how this is happening, but go check out the loads of new stuff they have at bluefly!
    Coin zip wallets, cosmetics cases, a cabat (!), veneta, zip around wallets, card wallets... It makes me question why I paid retail for my coin zip! Ugh.
  2. I like this clutch but the description says "Nylon lining for easy cleaning". I've seen the bag in person and the lining was suede not nylon. I don't ever think I've seen an interior of a BV with nylon. Hmmmm?!
  3. The inside should not be suede in that bag, I believe, but a fabric material. I'm not sure if nylon is correct, but suede would not be correct either unless I'm very mistaken.
  4. I stand corrected. I just looked on the NAP website and it describes the same bag interior as canvas. So it maybe the same. I've ordered a black one from Bluefly. I can always send it back. We'll see....
    I guess I didn't pay that close attention when I saw it at BobEllis.

    Boxermom - don't you have one of these? Whats your interior like?
  5. Megs wrote about this on the purseblog - said it had canvas lining. Off to Bluefly.....!
  6. It is a material...I saw it in person. NOT SUEDE.
  7. Get it quick! The black and taupe are already sold out. I was going to get the white or taupe but I already have a BV box in summer colors coming to me soon. So I decided to order the black which will go with everything. Hopefully it won't be to small to use as a clutch.
  8. aww the clutch is so cute! i missed it, how much were they?
  9. aww the clutch is so cute! i missed it, how much were they?

    i've been lusting over the bv clutch after seeing Megs blog about it!! :heart::heart:
  10. Thanks! I ordered a zippered coin purse and a card wallet.
  11. on my way to bluefly...
  12. DAMN - the one day I sleep in!!!!!! aarrrrrgggg
  13. The black and taupe clutches are back. They also have white, pink and light brown. They're $448.
  14. ^^^ OMG!! thank you thank you!! just ordered the black one!!
  15. Yes, there have been a lot of wonderful deals on Bluefly lately - I think us PFers have cleaned up a bunch of them :graucho: The more classic ones seem to move quickly.