BV customer service didn't disappoint me

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  1. Today I spoke with the manager of the BV shop here about the 2nd white bag with glue marks and she actually offered me 3 options to choose from:
    1. they send the bag to the factory for a new finish and they try to o something about it
    2. picking a different bag
    3. full refund.
    So I went with the refund as there wasn't anything I wanted beside the white braided handle tote. I bought the Chanel classic flap instead which was on my want-list.
    The manager was really nice and told me that she'd do anything to keep me as a customer.
    I was really impressed as I thought it would be much more hassle to get my money back after the attitude the SA gave me the other day.:yes:
  2. Glad to hear things went so smoothly tanja! Plus in the end you still got something on your want list.
  3. Comforting to hear that BV's service lived up to its high-end price. Well done!
  4. That's great! :yes:

    Congrats on your new Chanel! :biggrin:
  5. Yes, it's a relief to hear that they didn't give you any trouble. Congratulations on your new Chanel!
  6. Thanks, ladies. I was really happy that it went so well as I was worried that it wouldn't after the weird behaviour of the SA.
    I'll definetely pick another SA for my next BV purchase.
  7. I'm glad to hear that and congrats on your new Chanel classic flap. From my personal ordeal last week, BV service also didn't disappoint me and I'm very happy!
  8. Glad to hear!
  9. That's awesome--getting a full refund!
  10. Good for you. There will be another BV calling your name in the future!
  11. Tanja so glad that it worked out for you! hope your next BV purchase goes flawlessly! :smile:
  12. yay for refund!

    but i wonder why they use glue??
  13. Congrats on your new Chanel even though you didn't manage to get this particular BV bag. :flowers:
  14. Hope you find another BV bag down the line somewhere!!
  15. After the 2nd defective bag I didn't want this style anymore but I'm sure that I'll find another one that I love: probably a veneta in nutmeg:yes: for fall.
    Funny was that the other light colours didn't have this problem.