BV croc knot clutch

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  1. Hi ladies:

    This is my first thread in BV. I want to ask you all about the crocodile knot clutch.

    Are they coming in geniune croc leather or are some croc embossed?

    Do they come with CITIES certificate or not?

    And do you know from which collection are these ones?

    Thanks in advance..

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  2. Also, my little knot latch is croc. Those look like metal.
  3. These are from Doha boutique.

    Yes the knot is metal not croc.
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    The BV knots that are sold here in the US from NM, SFA, BG & also the
    BV boutiques do not come with CITIES certificates to the best of my knowledge.

    The black stretch croc knot is a "classic" & seems to be available
    in the boutiques & can also be special ordered.

    The lighter stretch knot croc looks like "ash" which is from several
    collections ago as well as the classic cognac croc knot.

    Just looked at my knots & the knot is croc not metal...

    Do you have a picture of the interior of these knots?
  5. Cities certs are available from the buyers office if you need them.
    BV does not make embossed croc. They are real.
    If you need a copy of cities you need to ask your SA to obtain a copy from the home office

  6. Actually its in medium blue and he said that its from SS15 as well as the cognac and light beige.

    He said to me that the croc knot are classic and the metal ones for the seasonal ones.
    I don't know if thats true.

    The interior is made frome beige suede.
  7. In my country they should provide the cities for the ministry of environment.
    But he said that he will request from BV italy a copy.

    In they have the exact blue knot in croc and they descriped it as embossed croc.

    I'm worried about the knot why is it in metal not in croc?
  8. He probably wrote embossed so they don't have to provide cities.
    Knot bags can have metal knots
  9. Do you know from which collection are these?
  10. i've bought croc wallet and ostrich bag from bv and no cites but i did get a cites from hermes for an ostrich wallet.
    my bv sa said i didn't need one for the ostrich bag. i really have no idea- lol-
  11. You have to request CITES from your BV SA. You could need CITES for any croc/alligator or ostrich leather if you plan on transporting or selling it across country lines. I have a CITES for my Hermes Ostrich Etrusque Kelly. If you are unfamiliar with CITES, please visit their website: