BV Color Reference Thread

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  1. Let's start a thread documenting all the colors of BV!
    If you have the color name and what season/year it is from, please post as well! (Let's try to keep comments to a minimum, so that we can enjoy all the pics and have an easier time browsing all the colors whenever needed!)

    I was just wondering how many greens BV had come out with in the past and thought having a thread like this could be useful for all BV lovers!

    I'll go first! Not sure what the color was called, but here's light peach!
    peach_wallet_front_reference.jpg peach_wallet_inside_reference.jpg
  2. Limo - introduced in S/S '07 (rumoured to be accorded classic colour status).
    BV.jpg BV(side).jpg
  3. I thought my little clutch (which bluefly calls taupe and grey might be limo), but your picture of limo looks alot lighter, you know so much about BV, can you advise what color my cluth is. I also have a matching zipped card holder in this shade.
    bottega clutch.jpg
  4. Here's old petra too (purple/brown) from someone else's bag. This color varies quite a bit. My bag looks much browner, that the color swatch in the picture, but more purple like the swatch in real life.
    old petra swatch.jpg bottegasmall1.JPG
  5. ReRe, yours is definitely Limo too :yes: . My 2nd pic was taken outdoors (on my sunny balcony :p), so it was bathed in strong daylights. The actual colour is closer to yours. Your BV collection is really growing, congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks Ms. Piggy (I really need to stop typing so fast, some of my replies look illiterate) Glad to hear my clutch and zip card case are limo. My collection is growing, I just ordered the Sloane in pergamena (is that the correct name) from Bluefly, for only $1400. A couple of PFers said they actually snagged a limo sloane which I thought was sold out. When BV says something is sold out, does that really mean its impossible to find in the stores?
  7. You’re welcome. Pergamena is a lovely slate/cream colour. I have it for my french wallet. As for the Limo Sloane, I think what it means is that it’s sold out online. It could still be available at the boutiques but since its highly sought after, it might be difficult to buy at the more popular boutiques at major cities.