BV cognac color?

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  1. Hey, I've seen various shades of the new "cognac" color for Bottega on the net. Has anyone seen this color in person?? Is it bright orange, or is it really a dark orange as stated? Here are three different pics for the same color, can anyone tell me which is the accurate color for BV cognac? thanks!
    orangeflower.jpeg BallBag.jpeg otherorange.jpeg
  2. I would describe BV's cognac as somewhere between a rusty brown and a deep orange, depending on the bag and type of leather. Some styles are more on the brown side and others on the orange side--it depends on how the leather takes the dye. I lusted after the cognac Aquilone bag which was more brown (I never got it because it sold out). One of the coolest things about the cognac bags is the plush turquoise suede interior. It's a striking combination!
  3. I agree with you there, the blue suede interior really does it for me! It is really a great contrast! When you talk about the different shades of Cognac, do you mean their siena color (brown red orange) as opposed to Cognac (dark orange to medium orange) Check this bag out, it is a combination of both colors, and has the blue interior! (are these the colors you're talking about?) This bag is such a beauty!!! I love it!

    redorange.jpeg redorange1.jpeg
  4. That really is a great bag! What I meant was some styles of the cognac bags I saw were actually a deep orange color while others had more of a brown tone. The sales associate explained that the color of the cognac bags varied quite a bit by style as all of the styles were not made from the same type of leather. Some types of leather took on a brown hue while others were more orange. It wouldn't be an issue with the bag you've pictured, but on some of the other styles I would be afraid to order the cognac without seeing it first since I wasn't crazy about the orange.
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