BV Cocker

  1. Anybody have one? What do you think in terms of the design? Does it have staying power? How has yours been holding up if you have one? I haven't had the chance to look inside one in-depth. Do the flaps on the side expand for more space in the bag? What's the lining like? Sorry for the questions, but loving this bag! :P

  2. I don't have the Cocker but I do think that it has staying power. I looked at getting it for awhile last spring but just kept coming back to their shoulder bags and finally got the Campana. If the lining is suede like mine then it is the softest suede you will ever feel.
  3. i don't have this bag, but i believe in BV's quality.
    i only have one BV and it's great quality...
  4. It's not my favorite BV style, but their things don't seem to go out of fashion. I have some that are 20+ years old and they still look current. The leather is sooo soft and lightweight, yet it wears well.
  5. thanks to all those who replied...Anybody else have any input on this bag? I'm really loving the braided handles
  6. Me again. I have another BV with that braided handle and I LOVE it! It's so substantial to carry and a very distinctive feature to the bag.
  7. I have one in black. The leather was of very high quality and very soft, so the bag get squished when you carry it on the shoulder. I carry it like a satchel most of the time. There are buttoms on the sides but the bag is not really expandable. However, the bag is surprisingly roomy. There is no magnetic closure on the top flaps so be careful of pick-pockets when you carry it. The lining is made of beige suede of the softest kind. And for the same reason, I don't use this bag often for fear that I might stain it with my pen or whatever.

    Hope it helps!
  8. I have this bag in navy. It's bigger than it looks. Nice size. The top flaps kind of overlap a little. There's no closure. Easy to get in and out of. The leather is amazing. The lining is beige suede on the blue, with a zipper section. I don't any bag for more than two weeks straight, so can't coment on how it holds up, but the style is classic, which equates to staying power to me. I'm attaching some pics.

    Hope that helps!
    cocker_3.JPG cocker_1.JPG
  9. Don't own it but tried it on a few times. Keep coming back to it, but, frankly, I need a longer shoulder drop to fit over winter coats and if there's one thing BV does well is design bags with longer drops. They stuck with that look over the past few years when every other designer was stuck on shoulder bags with 6-8" drops.

    So, anyway, wonderful baby-soft suede lining, side pockets not expandable, but main area wide enough to give good volume. I do think it would be hard to carry as a shoulder bag over a winter coat, though. If you live in the north.