BV Cocker

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to ask what does a BV Cocker really look like? I was surfing the internet and saw this

    And I also search the BV website and both Cocker bags looked different. First one has weaving on all sides and the one on the BV site had weaving only on the sides.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  2. Hi mischka and welcome to tPF! Yes, the Cocker comes in both styles, the link is the Borsa Cervo Cocker with weaving on all panels and patent trim - higher priced than the standard cocker. That one looks like pergamena - kind of eggshell and the patent trim is almost a pale grey. Just like Raz96's bag: pics of my new baby

    It's a gorgeous bag! Let us know if you get one!
  3. Thanks for clarifying that! :smile: I so envy Raz96 right now...:nuts: I just wish this would come in another color other than the Pergamena. Didn't know that BV cost THAT much..but I'm hooked!:drool:
  4. There are also more pics in the action threads, including Ms Piggy's lovely cocker :heart:
  5. I love both Raz96 and Ms Piggy 's cockers! It's such a different style from the veneta/sloane/campana. I think they look better in light/neutral colours - make the bag look "lighter" and not too heavy.
  6. Ms Piggy, you don't know how much I love your BV Cocker. The color is perfect, somewhat lilac or pale pink :smile:

    Would anyone know where I could get one? Though I still don't have the funds..hopefully, I could get one by the end of the year!:p