BV Classic Hobo

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  1. A5AED422-481A-459C-861D-819FB0B0D1AB.jpeg Just want to share my new to me medium shoulder bag. I think this is a seasonal collection, with patchwork on the bag. The bag is in black colour with metallic trims I think, can see there are 2 different colours.
  2. Just lovely! :loveeyes:
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  3. Like this one!!!
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  4. Beautiful! I have the garda in Glycine from this collection. One of my favourites. :heart:

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  5. Oh, I’ve never seen this one. Thanks for sharing your photo! Enjoy it!
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  6. Ooohhh, this is beautiful! :heart:
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  7. oh, glad they still have beautiful collection like this and not the celine-esqued models

    hope they will always give us beautiful special treatment like this
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  8. Close-up shots of the bag.

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  9. I don't know how I missed this thread.
    To the new owner @ Bagzcloset, here are the deets.
    Kaeidoscope was a limited edition launch in the Asian market.
    You got the Nero I was hankering for (sold out); I settled for Steel instead :smile:
    Here's the translated details from the Tokyo FW 2017 launch below.

    "Bottega Veneta announced the new limited edition KALEIDOSCOPE in Asia. Creative Director Tomas Maier, specially designed the range for the Asian market, and it will be pre-released at the Isetan LG Space on Wednesday, August 30 ahead of the Asian countries. After that, it will be deployed at other stores from September 6 (Wednesday).

    The KALEIDOSCOPE series, which incorporates Bottega Veneta's representative intrecciato technique, means the Japanese kaleidoscope, and the “Intrechart Nappa (sheep leather)” panel has a colorful “Grokuroran (metallic part)”. The design, which incorporates the kaleidoscope concept, embodies traditional decoration and contemporary charm. Outstanding craftsmanship is used in every detail. The process of weaving the intrecciato is integrated with the body by knitting together one piece of the KALEIDOSCOPE part of the exactly through the fettuche (flat string) by skilled craftsmen."

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  10. This makes me so sad for the lost days of Bottega Veneta as it was under TM. LOVE this treatment.
  11. I know right @indiaink!
    The thinking and design that went behind the seasonal concept.
    Oh, the artistry and aesthetic.
    I'd like to imagine the retired Tomas Maier smirking from his villa/ yacht in the south of Italy or France, wherever in the world he might be, about DL's creative 'genius'.
    I'll post on the Reference thread when I have the time.
    For posterity.
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  12. I look forward to seeing it in the Unique Treatments/Weaving Processes thread! :flowers: :heart:
  13. sad, indeed
    BV stores do not look any interesting anymore ... sigh...