BV Card Case Quality: would you recommend?


Mar 19, 2014
Hi all!
I've been using my same Tory Burch saffiano leather card case for the past 9 years and think it's time to upgrade :P I recently bought a leather knot clutch and fell in love with the intricate BV weave. It feels so luxe and classic yet understated. I'm now eyeing a BV card case (the beige one below) and wanted to get the community's thoughts on the quality of their card cases. Are they durable? Are they long lasting? I don't baby my card case at all and I'm hoping to have this new one last me at least another 9+ years as well.

My primary worry is that the BV leather feels soo buttery soft (at least on my knot clutch) that I worry that the card slots will get very loose over time and my cards may fall out. I have a Ferragamo WOC that has similar buttery soft leather and I lost my drivers license because it fell out of the card slot :-s

If you don't recommend BV, what other designer make high quality card cases? I'm looking for a flat card case with card slots and a zip pouch for cash/coins. Design-wise, I prefer something understated, but classic (I've heard LV canvas is ultra durable but the monogram logo is too much for me). Thank you!

1599764179567.png 1599764251350.png


Jun 18, 2020
Hey! Did you end up getting it? I am looking to upgrade my card case as well and was eyeing this one


Oct 18, 2007
Hey! Did you end up getting it? I am looking to upgrade my card case as well and was eyeing this one
BV’s small leather good are made mostly from nappa leather which is quite soft. So with means more wear. In a few months you might see some bending of corner edges and possibly a bit of fading of the finish. Within a year, it’ll have a bit of patina and an overall softer feel. So if you’re looking for it to stay crisp and new looking, I’d steer clear. Or look for pieces done in calf leather which is a bit thicker and sturdier.