BV Cabat totes -- need info...

  1. I have been lusting after a BV Cabat for sooo long. Can anyone tell me how many sizes it comes in and how much the retail prices are?

    I checked the BV website and they had one for $5650...I know there are less expensive versions but don't know what the differences are.

    Also, does any one have a swatch board of all the BV leather colors? (similar to those I've seen on the Hermes threads)

    here's a link:


  2. I believe there are 3 sizes for the cabat - the most common being small and medium. The large ones are usually limited editions from what I know, because of the size (huge, even by my standards! And I'm a big bag gal).

    There are definately less expensive versions that the cabat you posted in your link - those in normal nappa leather. Perhaps you can call up any BV store in your area to check the prices?

    Must say though, that limited edition cabat in ottone is GORGEOUS! :yes:
  3. I believe the Cabat is only made in two sizes... I think they are about $3900, and $4900.
  4. I have been lusting for the huge cabat in limited edition color as well!!!! Have you noticed that it's SOLD OUT and BACKORDERED???? With that price tag!!!

    Have you considered the woven totes? They have a clasp that comes over the bag and it makes the bag look more stylish IMO. It's about $2700 at NM. Here's a picture for reference!

  5. I love looking at that bag as well^^
  6. I like almost everything BV...all styles in all colors! I actually get overwhelmed with the most simplest of picking a color. I've had many opportunities to plunk down my card but I always leave emptyhanded because I can't just pick one bag. Haha!

    Thanks gals for the info you shared. :smile:
  7. I was looking at a small size earlier which was priced around 3k, and it was fabulous