BV butterfly clutch - where can I find an authentic one?????

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  1. Can anyone help me? Tried saks, net-a-porter, even ebay, nothiiiiing!
    I reeeeeeally want this bag!
  2. there's one on eBay now.
  3. Ohhhh the one in is PERFECT! Loved the price!
    But not available... now what?
  4. I'd say ck *bay since I sold mine a month or so ago...there was also another that listed after mine that didn't sell. So my guess is the seller would relist some time..good luck~
  5. OP, I don't know if you got the butterfly clutch yet, but the Woodbury Commons Bottega has it for $404.25 (this is with the 25% discount). I know it is not as good as the Net-a-porter price. I am thinking about getting it.
  6. :d