BV Boutiques in Las Vegas - enabling requested

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  1. I just received a very pleasant biz trip suprise. My return trip home next week from Amarillo, TX to SJC requires a one night diversion in Las Vegas. Which BV boutique in Las Vegas has the largest selection of BV goodness? I'm on the prowl for metallic SLGs. Enabling is absolutely encouraged. Grazie in advance for supporting my habit. Although I am lusting another pair of TX made Lucchesse boots, BV takes top priority unless I find Lucchesse cowgirl boots that will enhance my maxi electrique minionde veneta experience. :graucho:
  2. Can't help you in Vegas but BV in Wailea, Maui had amatura compact wallet and several key chains as well as a continental wallet. You could call there.
  3. The BV boutique at Crystals (City Center) has the largest selection - bags, shoes, RTW, jewelry, etc.

    Hope you bring home your metallic goodie! :smile:
  4. I hit all 3 Las Vegas boutiques today to enjoy some sunshine and get in a walk. I picked up a Rouggine knot bracelet at Crystals to match my lanyard. Will post pix when I get home tomorrow night. I am now lusting the Ardoise Tread Uomo Cabat. It is very supple and lighter in weight than I expected. Crystals has the only one in the US. Sigh....
  5. I'm sorry I didn't see this post until just now.
    I have always received the best service at the BV boutique in The Palazzo. I think I went to the store in The Crystals and tried on a Cervo Hobo but I don't remember it being that big. Didn't they just newly open or reopen their boutique in The Bellagio? That one I haven't been to but I thought it was relatively large. Mind you, anything is large compared to the one in The Palazzo.
    Anyway I actually just wanted to add that I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of bringing something home from BV or getting a pair of Lucchese boots. You are a lucky woman! I cannot wear Lucchese, I don't think the last they use to build their boots fits my feet. I would have suggested you go to the Boot Barn down the strip (maybe at Warm Springs Rd? can't remember exactly) and ask for Bill. They have a good selection of Lucchese and Bill is great fun. Easy to spot cuz I think he's like 6'5.
    I'm gonna need to see the new boots when you get them.
  6. I walked up to The Palazzo BV boutique first from Caesars Palace. BTW, I got a super deal on a king room in the Octavius Tower with a view of the ever so spectacular Bellagio fountain. The Palazzo store is indeed very small, but the SA there who helped me find my bracelet at The Crystals was fantastic. I had a solo dinner at Bobby Flays Mesa Grill. The Lobster Tacos were TDF. I didn't find any Lucchesse boots in Lubbock or Amarillo. I'm in the DFW area the week of 5/12 and hope to find a pair then. I bought my first pair of Luccheses almost 15 years ago at Sheplers in Arlington, TX. I paid about $400 back then. Similar Lucchesse boots today go for over $1200. I just had them resoled and the look brand. They, like BV, last forever. If I have time after my meeting tomorrow I'll check out Boot Barn. Thanks for the tip.