BV boutiques in airport

  1. Please list the airports that have BV boutiques in them. Convenient if we are or know people who are travelling or transiting at the airports ;)
  2. 1) Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2.
  3. 2) Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 has a beautiful new BV boutique. it's right next to the flight of escalators leading up to SQ's Krisflyer lounge. I almost missed my departing flight on Friday because of this boutique.

    3) Hong Kong International Airport. In the middle of the shopping area, quite close to the Kiehl's shop and the Travelex Money Changer.

    4) None of the US airports - as far as i've seen. (such as JFK, Newark, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, San Francisco)
  4. ^ Is the one at Singapore T3 opened already? I was there for a guided tour before T3 was officially opened, and saw the unit where it was planned for. I remember the escalators, and it's also beside an elevator of sorts right?

    Can't wait to check it out!
  5. the one in T3 is open already.
    its smaller than the one at T2 though.
    but the SAs are always so nice...
  6. I believe the Inchon Int'l Airport in Korea does... I think they have everything... I found more at the boutiques there than the variety anywhere else
  7. ^ I've heard from my Korean colleague that their DFS at their Airport is soooooo good (well stocked etc) that even the locals go there to shop! No idea how true that is, but I guess there must be some truth to that after what Bunkie said!
  8. ^ This is true. The locals can only shop there however when they're flying international, so every chance they get they will wait until their trip overseas to shop. It's a real treat. As we like to joke, better than Rodeo!