BV Bliss!!!!!


Oct 12, 2007
Hi Ladies,

OMG- I have to just say that I'm in BE bliss right now!!! I've been on vacation these past few days with my family and it's been absolutely pouring. And guess what? My cervo hobo looks brand new!!!!!!

This bag is just unreal. I've been wearing everywhere outside in such heavy rain and the minute I get inside it's perfect with just a fast wipe (not even).

I don't have to worry about ANY markings, scuffs or scratches with this bag!

And my wallet is an absolute pleasure to use. And trust me I haven't stopped using it all day for Black Friday. I can't help but smile every time I reach for it.

I can't get over how incredibly soft it is and how smooth the zipper glides! I feel like a million bucks while wearing my cervo hobo/ebano zip or lilac wallet!

And did I mention next week I have the poupre zip around coin purse on it's way along with one of those adorable pleated dark purple coin holders.

I plan on using the zip coin just for my business/apointment cards to help keep me organized.

I'll post a big reveal next week on all my goodies!:smile:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!
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Feb 6, 2008
Hee, I'm glad you're still so enthusiastic about your cervo bag!

I love my nero one. It comes with me when weather is a little "iffy" (though I protect it with a Le Pliage from Longchamp when it pours).

The matching wallet was nice, too. Picked it up Wednesday.


BV ~ Ferragamo ~ TODs
Aug 17, 2007
I can feel your enthusiasm and joy across the wires. So glad you are enjoying your pieces. I am in complete love with BV Cervo and concur with your impressions of durability.


Oct 12, 2007
Can't wait to see pictures!!

Thanks to your post I'm going to take my Cervo Hobo out today!

LOL, That's cute!

I've been wearing my hobo daily for weeks now and I don't see myself switching over to another bag for quite awhile. I've been searcing for that "perfect" bag for years and it feels great to finally have have discovered.

I can't find even one drawback to this bag.:yahoo:

Ladies, keep your eye on this thread for next week when I"ll post pics of all my goodies!