BV Black Croc Campagna Questions .....

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  1. I saw this beautiful bag while in the Boutique yesterday but didn't ask about it and have not stopped thinking about it since :P

    Does anyone know the price?

    Also does this come in both the Small and Large sizes or just one and if just one size what size is it?

    Thanks everyone!!! :flowers:
  2. I know it comes in the medium size for $14k. I'm not sure if it also is made in large -- I've never seen one.
  3. Thanks doloresmia! I did see that :biggrin: ouch at that price, lol! although I admit it is what I expected .... I swore a tpf'r had this campana tho :thinking:

  4. Oh thank you! actually THAT price is surprisingly lower than I thought :P
  5. i think porchegirl has an amazing croc campana.

  6. Croc campana only comes in 1 size ;) for a large one you can always try to place a special order :biggrin: