1. If anyone still wants this bag, I saw it at my Saks tonight. It must have been a return since my store normally does NOT carry BV. It's on sale for $1888 and an ADDITIONAL 50%, making it UNDER $1k! The original retail was nearly $3k! It's the bag featured on this thread:

    Give them a call if you want the bag--they open at 10 am PST. The number is 619-260-0030. Enjoy!
  2. What colour was it?
  3. It's the walnut/tan color that's posted on #2 of that link.
  4. Wow, wickedassin, thats a great deal. Did you happen to check it over....i.e. did there appear to be anything wrong with it?
  5. Bag was in GREAT condition--nothing wrong with it. I suspect it was an online order that was returned.