BV Ball bags on Bluefly right now.

  1. Both the Hazelnut and the Dark Brown have been spotted.:yes: If you are a Bottega fan this might be worth checking into.
  2. Chocolate is gone.
  3. Thanks for the info Bagpuss. Now if only I could actually shop at Bluefly that would be great. Unfortunately they don't ship to where I am!
  4. photos plz :crybaby:
  5. Sorry- there literally was no time to post one originally, they were flying off the shelf and now they are gone. They were popular on the forum last winter when Star got hers and so I just hoped if someone was looking for one they would act quickly. I don't know about authenticity on Bluefly but with a 90 day return I thought it was worth a chance. You could watch BF periodically for returns.
    Here's the Sak's offering:
  6. what is soo special about this bag?
  7. You answered this question yourself in another thread about the BV hobo(same bag) when you said "this BV is classic":P .
  8. LOL!
  9. Bummer about the bags being gone. I've always liked this bag, they're so gorgeous and the leather is to die for !

    But hey, yay for fat cats ! :biggrin: