BV Ball bag came

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  1. For anyone looking at Bottega Veneta, this is a thumbs up review on this handbag. Super soft and slouchy- simple, classic lines, comfortable to wear. I just took it out of the box so it still has some packing wrinkles that need to hang out but I wanted you to have the first glimpse.

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  2. OMG! Congrats! I love, love it!:love: YOu picked a great color. Is that a dark brown color? Beautiful bag!
  3. I have the same one love it!!! i can't stop touching the lining.
  4. Ohh so pretty...:love:
  5. ooh, very nice!!
  6. Beautiful bag!:love: So is your dog:amuse:
  7. I want one!!!
  8. Wow, gorgeous!:love: I love that color!! Congrats, Bagpuss!
  9. Thanks everyone. I really love it and happy that I got a small discount on it as well. It is the chocolate color.
    Moe- I know what you mean about the lining- so soft.
    PGN- that's funny that you spotted my Malamute Koda- I didn't notice until I posted this that he had snuck into the pic.:biggrin:
  10. Congrats! I've been craving a ball bag too but got the Mombasa which I've always wanted forever! Now I'm back thinking about the ball bag!
  11. That bag is so beautiful :love: Great color, too.
  12. That's my favorite bag from BV. I saw a terracotta one at the outlet and it was $600. WHAT WAS I THINKING NOT BUYING IT. Ohhh shucks. Enjoy your purchase!! Great bag.
  13. Congrats!!! It is a fabulous bag!!! I have one in hazelnut. It is one of my favorite bags!!! Enjoy yours!!
  14. Love that leather!
  15. that is a beauty, great pick! enjoy it!