BV bags look so different in real a good way.

  1. Since visiting this forum, I've developed an interest (aka obsession) with BV bags. I've been on all of the Web sites (NM, Saks, Netaporter, BV) and I finally visited NM to check them out in person. First of all, they were much more beautiful in person. I fell in love with the leather. However, they were much different than I expected. The cocker was way bigger than I thought. The Roma was much smaler than I expected. Loved, loved, loved the Limo color and the new, big off-white hobo (the one that is $3200) and the ball bag but didn't care as much for the handle on the classic Veneta. I just found it interesting that the "scale" of each of the bags was different than my expectations :smile: I guess I am an in person kind of gal;)
  2. ^^I agree that these bags need to be seen and touched in person to truly appreciate the beauty and craftmanship that they have.
  3. I agree. Although I love (and purchased) a large Veneta - it was much smaller than I expected. (for a "large hobo").
  4. I agree too, IMO one of the things I actually really like in addition to the craftsmanship and overall gorgeousness of the bags is that the proportions still make sense -- the large ones have a good capacity but don't look like luggage! So I think that adds to the classic nature of the bags, they won't look clownish like some others in a couple of years.
  5. ^^I totally agree macbagger - I know that oversized bags are in style now - but a BV "large" isn't overwhelming (and i'm only 5'4). I'm glad to know that i'll be able to carry my lg. Veneta for many years down the road.
  6. BV bags def hafta be touched for the full appreciation of the TDF leather :yes: It's amazing how soft the leathers are, and gorgeous as they look in pictures, it's so hard to capture the buttery soft texture of the bags :tender:

    Re the sizes of the bags IRL, I was really disappointed that the Julie wasn't larger, cos I love love love the style, but it's just too small for me... :crybaby: