BV bags in the woodbury outlet

  1. I am posting the pictures from woodbury outlet. Some one might be interested :smile: You can call them to place order.:wlae:
    Please share your comments on those bags. I am seriously considering to order one. Thanks
  2. Thank you for the post! I wondered what they carried in the outlets since the closest one to me is 7 hrs away.
  3. Oh wow! These are great!!!

    I'm sure the ladies will appreciate this loads! Thanks!! :yes:
  4. Phew, i'm so glad you didn't take any photo's of the accessories - i'd be in TROUBLE then!!!
  5. OOh... that yellow is really pretty! Roughly what is the discount % on the outlet stuff?
  6. I sure wish I lived closer to that store. I think the yellow and green woven totes are cute and the green scallop edge tote has always been a favorite of mine.

    what do you have your eye on?

  7. Boxermom, maybe we should plan a weekend trip to this outlet!!

    I think it's just a 4 hour drive for me! Might be worth it!
  8. Thanks for posting. Wasn't someone just looking for the embossed veneta?
  9. thanks for sharing! :yes:
  10. I can't believe how many non seasonal colors they have there! Wow! thanks for posting!!
  11. Does anyone know whether they will ship overseas (to the UK)?
  12. Thanks for posting-what eye candy! All the colors together remind me of a bowl of M&Ms:p
  13. :drool: Excuse me while I recover from hyperventilating just a little bit. Thank you so much for sharing those pics with us!

    I am nowhere near Woodbury :crybaby: , but I see some bags that I would love. Do you know if they do phone orders?
  14. Wow -- thanks for sharing!! I didn't realize Woodbury had a BV outlet, even though I've been there dozens of times. Very dangerous!!