BV Bags around the globe!

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  1. I posted photos of my bag with San Francisco as a backdrop on "Earthquakes and BV". I would love to see pics of where you and your bags live.
    Anyone up for a photo journey of BV bags around the globe? Please join in!

    I'll start by reposting the pics from my other thread.
    IMG_1033.jpg IMG_1034.jpg
  2. Yay! Ok, now I really will...but first I have to wake up...
  3. love your bag! :biggrin:
  4. I love that idea--why didn't I do that in chicago?? Next time I go somewhere cool, I'll do that. I live in nowheresville so a pic from there wouldn't be that great.

    Of course living in San Fran, you have a beautiful backdrop, Carolyn!!!
  5. BV magnolia veneta in HK....
    hk1.jpg hk2.jpg hk3.jpg hk4.jpg
  6. What fun idea. I'll post a pic a little later
  7. those are great pictures, crabtreemeeko
  8. Thanks! Air pollution in HK is really bad, otherwise it will look even better on a clear day.
  9. crabtree, that's a fab view of the harbour.
  10. NWpurselover, what a great idea! here's my contribution: my camel campana med in hong kong. (second contribution from hong kong, but different place altogether from crabtree, so everyone can enjoy the "round-the-world tour")

    the sun's really bright today, making my "view" photos very strongly back-lit, so i took a couple of shots without the view, but just of my bag so you can see the color in the daylight. (camel being such a chameleon color)

    boxermom, don't call home nowheresville, pls take some pics. perhaps some trees or greenery shots?
    P1020417.jpg P1020431.jpg P1020429.jpg P1020452.jpg P1020434.jpg
  11. Fantastic idea!! Around the world through BV handles!!
    I'd love to contribute but first I have to get my first BV...:sweatdrop:, please keep it coming until August (I think)!!
  12. Lovely pics so far! Let's keep em coming!
    Boxermom I am sure where you live is lovely. How about some nice scenery?
  13. Great idea for a thread, NW purselover!
  14. NW, you clever girl you! We're Magnolia Veneta sisters. :smile: What an imaginative thread and fantastic photos. It's like a BV travel log! :tup: I didn't take any of my BV's to missed out on many photo ops! I will keep this in mind on my next trip!

    crabtreemeeko - Another Magnolia Veneta sister! Beautiful pics and I may be in HK this October!!

    mrsDIY - Camel Campana....sigh....sooo luxuriously classic BV and like buttah!!
  15. I took pictures! I will post them tonight or tomorrow...