BV Bag Lovers - What other bags do you own?

  1. I thought it would be fun to know what other purses you have tucked away in your wardrobes. I have the following:

    - Veneta bag in Noce
    - Veneta bag in Ebano
    - Veneta bag in black (smaller size)
    - Chanel expandible flap bag (black)
    - Jimmy Choo Ramona in black
    - Jimmy Choo clutch in chocolate leather with gold detail
    - Chloe Betty bag in black (large size)
    - Balenciaga day in black
    - Louis Vuitton, petit noe in red
    - Tods Mickey (large) in chocolate
    - Tods Mickey (small) in chocolate
    - Tods Mickey (large) in camel/beige
    - Tods Tracciolina (medium) in metallic chocolate
    - Louis Vuitton, speedy
    - Louis Vuitton, matching purse (wallet)
    - Marc Jacobs hobo in cream
    - Marc Jacobs purse (wallet) in black quilted leather
    - Hogan weekend in black

    I can't remember anything else. I think I have purse amnesia! :p
  2. I own lots of LV, Balenciaga and gucci bags.

    I am now trying to sell them...and concentrate on a few quality pieces like Damier, Balenciaga City, BV and Chanel pieces.
  3. Ooh I forgot. I have a very old style Gucci with the cane handle. It's still gorgeous though. Balenciaga bags are on sale at the moment in Dubai. 30% off.
  4. I have several Balenciaga, two Chanel pieces and two Bottegas. I think I am going to sell a few Balenciagas so I can concentrate more on a few key pieces. I guess I am not big on changing handbags too often.
  5. how do you go about selling your bags? i too would like to sell some really great bags in fabulous condition.
  6. I really love and wear alot of Jimmy Choo, leather Gucci, Valentino, Marc Jacobs. I have YSL, Ferragamo and one lone Chanel. I had a big Luella collection that I have recently downsized and I also am saying goodbye to my paddingtons.

    Would love to keep adding BV and Ferragamo( I have seen some beauties lately). Jimmy Choo somehow always slips it's way into my wardrobe. I have a weak spot there.
  7. - Veneta Limo (med)
    - Cocker Poudre
    - Deerskin french wallet in Pergamena with Limo stitchings
    - Continental intrecciato (med) in Ebano
    - Cosmetic zip pouch in Quarzo
    - Tod's Charlotte (large) in mustard yellow
    - Tod's Kate Easy (large) in black
    - Tod's Miky Zip (large) in beige
    - Loewe Amazona (large) in gold/brown suede
    - Anya Hindmarch picture bag in violet
    - Anya Hindmarch silk satin Getrude the piggy coin purse
    - Anya Hindmarch Carker in cream
    - Anya Hindmarch Alessandro in nude brown
    - Chloe Paddington in cream
    - Coach tote in lilac suede with beaded piping
    - Burberry tote in signature check
    - LV Damier Riberia (large)
    - LV Damier french wallet
    - LV Jasmin in red epi (1st wedding anniversay gift from DH) :love:
    - Gucci Jackie bag in black GG canvas
    - Gucci messanger back in beige/brown GG canvas
    - Gucci boat shaped pouch in dark jean GG
    - Gucci wallet in black GG canvas
    - Prade black nylon bag (small)
    - Kate Spade large "Walking Henry the Dog (in collaboration with Maiora Kalman)" canvas tote in cream with fushia handle (1st handbag gift from DH - then boyfriend) :p
    - A few Furla bags (my first foray into designer bags)
  8. Well, my collection pales in comparison, but here goes!
    Newest to oldest. You can tell when I started earning real money...

    BV Limo Campana
    BV parma/gold continental tab wallet
    BV magnolia toggle clutch
    BV magnolia card wallet
    Chanel quilted flap bag
    Miu Miu black tote
    Coach zebra wristlet
    Coach suede patch wristlet
    Coach brown hobo
    Kate Spade red fabric tote
    Coach brown leather messenger bag (very first designer bag, the one that started this lovely obsession!)
  9. I've sold alot of my other "it" bags and just focussing on the classic styles

    BV Cabat in Ebano (Small)
    BV Olive Green Veneta (Large)
    BV Limo Veneta (Large)
    YSL Muse in Dark Brown (Large)
    YSL Rive Gauche in Black
    Chanel Cerf Tote (for Work)
    Chanel 2.55 Black Caviar
    Chanel Grey Reissue #255
    Prada Gauffre Satchel in Black
    Prada Antic Cervo Satchel
    Chloe Quilted Bay in Moka
    Miu Miu Coffer in Black
    Balenciaga City in Brown
    Balenciaga Office in Black
    Balenciaga First in Black
    Balenciaga Box in Ink

    eeks ... i think i spend way too much on bags. i'm officially now on a purse ban :crybaby:
  10. ^^ gingerale, your have a fab classic collection. I'm still waiting to get my hands on a Chanel Reissue 226 - is yours the anniversary one? I'm also eyeing the Muse in dark brown - large or OS.
  11. I only own one BV so far - a gorgeous Ball in Limo but I intend adding another Ball very soon......and maybe a Sloane :graucho:

    My collection is dominated by Chloe and Balenciaga ( I own about ten of each). I also have a MJ Stam and a Fendi Spy which I adore :heart:
  12. My collection right now consists of BV.. and Balenciaga. I use to own a good amount of LV pieces (after purging my entire collection on eBay).. but seeing everyone else where them.. (more fake then genuine pieces) & 12 yr olds walking around with them... it kind of lost its luxury & meaning to me. So far my newer smaller collection consists of:

    BV Ebano Lg Veneta
    BV Ebano Zip wallet
    BV Ebano Zip Key pouch
    BV Limo Sloane
    BV Limo Zip Wallet
    Balenciaga Twiggy in Truffle

    hopefully a

    Balenciaga City... in Grenat~!

    Do they offer a handbag anonymous class?:busted
  13. Coach Brown Suede Gallery Tote
    Coach Scarf Print Gallery Tote
    Coach Cream Leather Hobo -- I love it but never wear it so I think I'm going to have to find a new home for it.
    Coach Black pebbled leather handbag (don't know the name)
    Coach Green Signature demi-purse
    Coach Diaper Bag (totally rocks, lots of pockets and I don't care about spills)

    Dooney Brown East/West Bag (it's from the alto collection, I don't know the exact make)

    Banana Republic Tobacco Brown Shoulder Bag (Inexpensive but I love it; it can take some abuse)

    Ralph Lauren Brown Aviator Bag
    Ralph Lauren Brown Leather/Cream Canvas Bag from last year. It looks kind of like an aviator bag but not quite.

    Campana Magnolia
    Roma Old Petra

    My plan is to make room for some upcoming purchases by giving the Dooney and all my Coach except for the gallery totes to my Mom. I plan on adding more BV and, if my SA comes through, an Hermes to my wardrobe.
  14. Coach whiskey legacy leather satchel

    Kate Spade small zebra-print annemarie "lunchbox" (tried to sell this and couldn't, figured it must be meant to be!)

    Bottega Veneta small Campana in ebano

    Bulga small hobo in teal ( so soft!)

    (2) Botkier Trigger bags -- one black, one metallic pearl

    Louis Vuitton:
    mono speedy 25
    denim neo speedy (lichen)
    Roxbury Drive (pomme)
    riveting pochette
    Saleya PM
    Tikal PM

    um... that's it!

    I did not include wallets, cosmetics pouches, agendas, keychains, etc :smile:
  15. BV Magnolia Montaigne
    BV Old Petra Roma (if it ever gets liberated from the black hole that is DHL)
    BV Poudre Julie
    BV Parma/Gold long flap clutch
    BV Magnolia flap clutch
    BV Black vintage carry-on/train case
    Hermes Vermilion Bolide
    Hermes Black boxcalf Kelly
    Hermes Vert Fonce vintage Sac Malette
    Lanvin White Maxi-Miss
    Lanvin Violet satin medium Mississippi
    Lanvin Black Madrid
    Lanvin Black satin Ludivine
    Anya Hindmarch Cream patent Carker
    Jil Sander Cream patent round tote
    Perrin of Paris White leather/patent Berline tote
    Belen Echandia Petrol Blue "Take Me Away" from earlier collection
    Belen Echandia Black "Charm Me"
    Belen Echandia Apple Green "Take Me Anywhere" from earlier collection
    Ann Demeulemeester Black crackled leather sling bag
    Dries van Noten Black canvas/leather messenger
    Swaine Adeney Black vintage Gladstone
    Lucille de Paris vintage Black alligator frame bag
    Deitsch vintage Cherry Red Croc frame bag
    Deitsch vintage Cognac Croc frame bag
    Roberta di Camerino vintage Blue flap/accordion bag
    Valextra Hunter Green large Boston bag
    Valextra Rosso (cherry red) Linea "S" bag (on order)
    Assorted vintage beaded bags from the 20's & 30's

    Didn't include the wallets, cosmetic cases, agendas, etc.

    These are the pieces that survived the last cull. Seeing them listed in one place is a little scary - this addiction is way out of control. And I still have a wish list.