BV bag ID anyone?

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  1. Could anyone tell me the name of this bag? Also is this still in the store? (Heard it was from 09.)
    When carried, it's much more loosely shaped and becomes bottom wide.
    Extremely curious.

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  2. Welcome to the BV forum! It's called the Curry Belly bag from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. It's made of goatskin and there are buckles in the side and in the bottom of the bag to make slight adjustments. The shape of the bag depends on how much stuff you put into it. I don't think the boutiques carry this anymore but you may find some in the secondary market.

    BTW - we have a thread (link below) where you can ask bag ID questions so you may want to post there in the future so you'll get a more immediate reply.

    jburgh - feel free to merge this there.
  3. Thanks so much!! I've been wondering for nearly a month now.