BV Bag for the First Timer


Dec 29, 2009
Hello everyone, :smile:

I have been drooling over a BV bag lately as the holidays are approaching quickly :santawave: (I am new to BV bags, so please bear with me) and I think I found the one I like.

The serial # (?) says 115653-V0016 6560

Can anyone tell me how to decode this?

And for everyone who has been loving your BV, how do you keep inside of your bags organized? Looks like the Hobo only has one pocket.



Minimalist Wannabe....
Apr 1, 2012
I have 3 medium Venetas out of a total of six BV bags. Obviously, I lean towards that style. They are not large. I edit what I really need to carry and put my allergy meds in a small plastic zip lock bag. But mostly, I just use the size of the bag to keep me from lugging around everything I might need if the big quake hits while I'm out of the house. Seriously, I just edit ruthlessly. I do love zip lock bags for keeping stuff contained and visible.


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Jul 2, 2007
I use a makeup bag for everything that might cause a mess (pens, lip gloss ect...) and only carry a wallet, keys, cell phone and sunglasses mainly. I don't like fishing around for stuff. Can't help you on the serial number except to say that one of the sets of numbers is the color and one the style I believe.


Oct 18, 2007
This thread explains how to read the tag on older BV bags. New BV bags just have a serial number that is used by BV to identify the who and when of the bag.

The first number indicates it is a medium Veneta hobo.

As for keeping things organized, the nice thing about the Veneta is that it is not an abyss. It's easy to reach in a see your things. That said, like others, I also keep what I actually carry to a minimum (wallet, cosmetic case, coin/card case, sunglasses, and phone. I'll use the zipper pocket for a lip gloss, pen, flash drive, and mints.