BV at Tyson's Galleria in McLean, VA

  1. For anyone interested, I was at Saks in Tyson's Galleria and saw a couple of Marquise and Chain Venetas on display. The Chain bags were white and black, the Marquise were Green and White. I think they are on sale. I'm not sure because they were not displayed with the other sale bags.
  2. Thanks bprimuslevy, I cruised through at the start of the sale and didn't see any BV - the Mazza location normally has a decent selection of BV though
  3. Usually that Saks location doesn't have BV at all. When it comes to purses, I don't think that one has a good selection. I usually go to Neiman's to check out bags. They aren't even in the same place as the other bags, they're in the sunglasses, scarves section across from the down escalator.

    I work in Bethesda, I may have to cruise Mazza when my boss is in NY for meetings.