BV at Neiman Marcus--why so few?

  1. I'm always checking NM's online site for BV's and other bags just to look, and for awhile there has been almost nothing displayed. Even between seasons, I don't recall it ever looking so bare. Does anyone know if NM is cutting back on selling BV? Or do you think they are waiting for shipments to come in?
  2. I just went to NM this afternoon and did not see interesting collection there. There were mainly the classic bags. And there were not many pieces there either. I also have the same question mark in my mind? Aren't they suppose to have lots of selection?
  3. I think Barney's NY has more selection than Neiman and Saks.
  4. I think it's funny that the exact same styles show up on the web sites for all the major department stores who carry BV. I always assumed they had a better selection in-store and that maybe BV limited what could be shown/sold online, so as not to compete with their online store?....
  5. They used to show maybe 15-20 styles. Saks would have similar but often a few different ones, but about the same number. Just wondering if this is new policy. They carry so many of other designers.

    Not the biggest problem in the world, but for those of us who can't drive to a big retail area, online is where I see bags to consider buying.

    uclaboi, do you ever buy online? You're lucky to be in such a retail mecca where you can see everything before buying.
  6. Boxermom, I'm sure that they are just waiting for shipments to come in. I understand that the US has just had it's sale? In the UK when the sales start there is always a real buying frenzy for about a couple of weeks and then there is usually nothing for about 3 weeks while the boutiques wait for the new season stocks to be coming in. The cruise collections have come to the boutiques in Europe and I thank the forum everyday that we are able to share information and pics on what is currently available, I'm sure it helps all the pfrmers who can't always make the trip to the BV boutiques!:tpfrox:
  7. Excellent point, Syma. Reading posts here and seeing pics from around the world keeps me more up to date than anything else. I hope you're right about it just being a lull between shipments. Thanks to all the BV fans who take time to show me what's new--you're always ahead of what I'm seeing around here LOL!:tup:
  8. I couldn't agree more Boxermom - although you are even ahead of us here in the BV wastelands of Canada!!!
  9. I have bought clothing and shoes online, but I have never bought BV online, yet.

    boxermom, if you have a very good relationship w/ a SA at BV, he/she could send you the items that you're interested in for consignment. If you like it, they charge it on your card. If not, you could just mail it back.
  10. Ah yes. I had the best SA in Chicago, Linda. Last spring, she moved to KY to care for her mother, and there has been almost complete turnover in the Chicago store, so each time I've dealt with someone, it's someone new the next time. I posted about it and a couple people here kindly PM'd me names at different U.S. stores to call. So I do have some options, if I choose.
  11. Wow, they do that? :tup:
  12. Yes, they will; at least some I've known have done it.
  13. in my experience, they actually prefer to do it that way rather than a sale and return (since i believe they have an exchange only policy)
  14. there is no problem returning to my nm. i ordered the capri nature on line and when it came it didn't make my heart sing. so i returned it and no problem at all. there never is. every year i buy the loro piana horsey coat but i never wind up liking it on me although i love the coat and return it without a problem.