BV "animal shapes" COINPURSE? help

  1. So I missed out on one of those BV coin purses that was in the shape of a turtle (my favorite one) a few weeks ago and now i'm blue.

    Has anyone seen any of these ANYWHERE? I'm desperate for one!!!

    *please help*
  2. I haven't seen any animal shaped coin purses, only the keychains...

    I'll give the store a call when they open in about 1/2 hour to help you check. Is there a specific colour you wanted? Or just the turtle shape?
  3. I got a frog coin purse from one of the BV outlets, can't recall which one. Are they carried currently in the regular BV stores?
  4. ^^How long ago did you purchase yours? Maybe I can call the outlets?
  5. I have seen the turtle coinpurse in Poudre in the Singapore boutique. Not sure if it's still available though. Hopefully Nymph could report back.
  6. Uh... There's only the frog shaped one left, in Magnolia.

    Soz beauxgoris!
  7. Nymph - you are such a sweetie for checking. I really appreciate it. :flowers:

    I'll keep looking!
  8. No worries.

    Hope you find your turtle soon! I'd really like to see how they look like! The pics from Bagpuss aren't showing up for me :crybaby:

  9. Strange, they worked earlier (I saw the photos) but not now. :confused1:
  10. Ooh I hope you find one BG- I felt bad that you missed out on mine. Better to find a new one somewhere anyway!:graucho:
  11. ^^No Problem Bagpuss. I just fell in love with it when I saw your photos.

    I'm looking at the coinpurse that is attached by a chain now - to hold me over until I find my little turtle!
  12. ^^^I bought it about 3 months ago. I called both outlets and told them what I was looking for and they e-mailed me photos of what they had. Somewhere in this BV forum, Marly posted the phone #'s for both outlets.

    Good luck!!
  13. Would love to see what these look like, can't see the pics for some reason.

  14. ^^Thank you boxermom! I'll call the outlets this week and see what they have left! :flowers: