BV and time to save some money

  1. It's time to save a little on BV!

    This month at Saks they will be having another gift card event, so you can save a little if you puchase at that time. (you will receive a Saks gift card of course)

    BUT...a few days later they are having friends and family discount. The SA's are pretty hungry to ring up sales and make you happy! The SA I was working with was breaking his back for me.

    Bottega is one of the few brands in handbags that qualify on this sale. I was told it is 20% off the BV's. The exact date was not told to me, but it is the third week of the month and possibly Oct. 25th. (maybe someone can confirm it here) If you are interested, you should start looking into it. That will be the best discount you can grab on in stock merchandise, so I was told.

    Also, I have really noticed a huge increase in BV merchandise at Saks in my area. It was once about 6 bags...maybe 8 at most, but it was easily three times that amount on this visit if not more. Even a few newer styles. They usually have the basics and only the classics. My guess is BV is gaining in popularity/demand just a bit. Not sure if that is good or bad for us all.

    Hope you all find some lovely things!:flowers:
  2. Many thanks Kellybag for the info. Too bad I'm in the Asia continent. Have fun frens in US. And remember to report back all your lovely buys!! :heart:
  3. Is this in-store or on-line? No Saks brick-and-mortar around here unfortunately!
  4. I know for sure it is in store for the Friends and Family. Perhaps you can telephone top find out if it is online.

    The SA did say he would be more than happy to charge send anything to me, so you could choose a store and have them charge/send to you wherever you may be. I do think they would require you to use your SAKS card though.

    Good Luck
  5. Kellybag, thank you for the post.
  6. ^^^Funny, I've noticed the same thing at my local Saks--LOTS more BVs!

    Thanks for the sales info., Kellybag.:tup:
  7. Ditto on noticing more BVs in Saks. I was in the local Saks that in the past did not have them and they had a shelf dedicated to BV.
  8. thanks for the info!
  9. You are all welcome. 20% is a great savings!
  10. Do you have to have a Saks card to take advantage?
    Thanks for this helpful information!
  11. Kellybag

    thank you so much for the info :smile: i am sure alot of tPFers are going to take great advantage over this opportunity.
  12. Bunkie, you don't need to use Saks card for F&F event.
  13. any further confirmation on when. I'm on the hunt for a large ebano campana.
  14. Thank you so much Kellybag... This news is the perfect time for me. I'm thinking to get a BV soon. Now, I have to start hunting for the perfect style. Which one would you ladies recommend? I'm new in this forum. The classic venetta maybe? I love Whitherspoon's black venetta bag.
  15. Has anyone seen a large ebano campana in saks? anywhere??? Thanks.