BV and rain question

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  1. It is sprinkling a bit today and I am carrying a veneta. Will a few raindrops mar the leather? I am not referring to torrential, monsoon, the world is ending conditions...just a scattering of raindrops. How impervious to rain is my little veneta?
  2. I think you're good to go :smile:
    Without ever treating the leather with protectant, I've carried Nappa in the rain without any problems.
  3. No where have I read in the forum that anyone has ever had any issues with rain getting on their veneta...and I have read quite a few posts on that as well.
  4. Some of my bags have gotten soaked. My tea campana was so wet it looked darker than ebano. I've had no problems. I toweled off the dripping water and let them air dry away from sun and heat.
  5. Thank you, everyone. I'd hate to damage the bag before the visa bill for it even arrives.
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    No problems with a few raindrops on any of my BV's
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    i have carried my bags in all weather conditions and no problem; however, i do not have very light colored bags. i am not saying a light color would have a problem, i just don't know from first hand experience.