BV and Mamma Mia size difference??

  1. Can someone who has both a BV and a MM post modeling pics so I can see the size difference? If you can post a pic w/you wearing both of them, one on each side that would be so great. Also post a pic of them side by side on a table or one in front of the other............

  2. I'd also love to see a side by side comparison - I've never seen a Mamma Mia IRL.
  3. I just bought the foresta BV today and have an adios Mamma Mia -- I'll take pics rightn ow :smile:
  4. Intoxicatedxtc: Where di you get your Foresta BV?
  5. Ack sorry, I just saw the request. I'll take one later with me wearing both of them, right now I have to rush to the movies XD.

    @ Julicrystal -- Someone said that this store called the 'Beehive' in downtown manhatten beach had a lot of tokidoki things, so I went there today and they had 2 BV Foresta bags there! Of course I *had* to snatch one, considering I don't relaly have a bag in the Foresta print -- almost broke my rule of buying two of the same styles because the BV and the Mama Mia were so similar. They have one more left, and a Paradiso backpack, and a lot of amore and little Inferno. (Also kind of lucky, this Foresta had a good print of the trees on one side, and on the other a good print of the water!)

    Side by Side

    Mama Mia on top of the BV
  6. i'm sure intoxicated's pics are going to come out better than mine but i tried. :smile: i had to use the self timer on my cam, put it on the counter, then ran to the door. lol. i couldn't remember the password for my photo storage so posted it on my blog. you can check out at <> hope it helps! :smile:
  7. do you guys think a BV is about as big as a Zucca??
  8. congrats on your foresta bv!!

    spacytracy: BV size is 10.25 x 16 x 6.5 in, the Zucca size is 11 x 13 x 5 in Hope it helps :biggrin:
  9. imo the BV is bigger than a zucca. i think the zucca is about the same in length but a lot smaller in width. this is just from what i'm remembering when i tried one on. you can check the measurements on the lesportsac website.
  10. yeah I checked measurements but to me that doesn't really help as much as pics do, ya know??
  11. I can take pics of a bv and a zucca side by side for you tomorrow when I get home from work.
  12. The pics help aloooooot :biggrin: Thanks!

    I was wondering if anyone with every single style could take a group picture of all of them... to easily compare them :yes: It would be sooooooo helpful!
  13. BV is bigger than a Zucca and is just a "floppy bag" while the Zucca has structure.
  14. I have a question. Hhahahaa you're going to laugh.

    I'm a pretty average height girl.. about 5'4. And I have huge jubblies... in the DD range and growing on account of being pregnant... speaking of which I also have a massively huge tumtum...and will probably continue to have one after my baby is born.

    I know you don't know what I look like, but do you think it's possible for me to look 'too big' for the Mama Mia??! Hahaahahah I don't want to buy one and look like one of those big girls in a tiny top kind of thing! Does anyone know what I mean?
  15. well hmm...idk?? but im 5'6, slender, dont have anywhere near DD jubblies :lol: (this one cracked me up..a new name)..and I think MM fits me well?