bv and boxes

  1. is it true that bv boutiques don't give bv boxes for their bags unless it's during the holidays? i spoke to an sa and she said it only comes with the felt bag and leather drawstring when i buy the bag and as silly as this sounds, i want the box too. i just want to double check with you experienced bv lovers at the forum.

    also, is the "new ball" bag replacing the older version ball bag or will bv continue to manufacture both?

    i'm trying to time a purchase and getting some answers for both these questions will help me decide.

    thank you in advance!
  2. I only have one bag, but it came with a box and was not sold to me during the holidays.

    My clutch and other accessories often don't come with boxes.

    Everything I have was bought on sale, too.

    The original Ball is availale only in Nero, Ebano, and Bianco as far as I know. I've been told only the New Ball will be made in seasonal colors.

    Hope that helps.
  3. daluu: Mine comes with boxes AND dustbag with the exception of the wallet I got my friend to purchase from HK. Over there it's either box or dustbag. H/E mine were all purchased during sale season.
  4. interesting. then i don't understand why this sa said the following in her email to me:

    "i'm so sorry to tell you that we only use the BV boxes for holiday gift purchases. They don't come automatically with a handbag purchase. If you were to purchase the 'original ball bag' it would not come with a box. Almost all of our purchase wraps are with the bv bags and the signature knotted leather ribbon. It's really unfortunate that we aren't in a position to furnish all purchases with boxes."

    so if the "new ball" isn't replacing the ball bag, then should i assume it would be safe for me to wait on my purchase of an ebano ball bag?

    thanks again!
  5. I think the original Ball in ebano will still be made for a while longer, yes. At least that's what I was told by my SA.

    Strange about the boxes. Maybe each boutique has its own rules. Maybe I got both box and dustbag because my SA sees me all over town. Actually I'm keeping the box but not using it...seems like kind of a waste to have that big box when all I did with it was carry it to my house a mile away from the store.
  6. yeah, i know the box fixation seems silly, but i stuff all my purses, put them in their dustbags, and then box them up after every use. i do that with all my chanels as well. the only ones without boxes are my marc jacobs and that was only because i bought them early on in my "harmless" bag collecting craze.
  7. I don't think it's silly at all! I think *my* getting a box was silly since I'm not using it. I keep my bags in their dust bags in the drawers of a large dresser. I live in a Victorian that's pathetically low on closet space.
  8. ^^doreenjoy
    are we the only ones on this forum right now?! hahhahaha :p
  9. The only ones posting at any rate.
  10. daluu, which store were you interacting with? I have received some of my bags (cabat, campana) in boxes from the Honolulu and the NYC boutiques. I also bought some less expensive bags that did not come in boxes. I have never gotten a box from a department store.
  11. I've only received boxes with accessories. That is ok with me, since I store them in their bags. The boxes would take up too much space.
  12. I have never gotten a box from bluefly or from Saks. But I did get a box for my knot bracelet which was shipped from BV in Natick, MA.
  13. I have received boxes for all of my accessories from the BV Boutique. My one and only bag (so far) came from Nordstrom's and it was only in a dustbag, no box.
  14. Same here--never received a box with a handbag, but the small items like wallets, coin purses, etc. had boxes. They aren't even consistent with accessories and dust bags--sometimes I get them and sometimes not.
  15. I just received a bag today and it came with the box.