BV addiction - how to cure it ?

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  1. Hello,

    I am in quite a conflict of feelings since I got my first Bottega and am wondering if anyone here feels the same way.

    Within a month I have gotten 3 bottegas, one veneta classic, one roma and one nice nero wallet . Quite a neat huh..:P

    I am happily wearing my Veneta daily.

    I have placed myself on a self imposed ban, simply because I have not even opened the other 2 bottegas ( wallet and Roma) I have purchased. To make matters more uncontrollable ,whilst on the ban , I am happily and covertiously surfing for better buys, wonderful colours and on a lookout at ebay for nice surprises surfacing. I am enjoying the spills and thrills of others, part joy, part envy, part planning for more pretty evils ...:graucho:

    I am really not proud of myself. What with one moment on the ban , the other I am actually bidding and watching on ebay !!

    I have to keep telling myself, I dont need it, dont need it. Stop , stop buying .

    The next moment I am coverting and coverting again. And there's nothing stopping me from acquiring more except self control.

    Sigh... Well, coming here is not helping cos there are so many here just as besotted and encouraging the love of bottega.

    I kinda feel like a botteg-aholic...:shame:
  2. Welcome to the club. I have no words of encouragement...just empathy.
  3. As long as it's not becoming an addiction you can't control, like gambling, you're safe! Enjoy the ride! I am loving reading everyone's threads here! There is so much unity and enjoyment.

    I can only credit you on your fine taste!:biggrin:
  4. Hello, ppd2, and welcome to the BV sanctuary! Everyone here has been there and done that:biggrin:, and we help each other in various ways around here. You are in the right place.
  5. Welcome to the glorious world of BV..enjoy what you have and wear it well!!!
  6. sadly a cure has not been found...
  7. I feel exactly the same way and gone through and sometimes I think I am still going through the : jubilation (when acquired) and remorse be it buyer or non-buyer remorse state of mind

    I have close a friend who thought I was going through some sort of depression; watching me the non believer in designer bags turning into a total BV addicts, and mind you, this friend of mine loves designer's bags too, just not BV.

  8. He is right, of course. The only choice you have is to succumb to the disease and keep buying.:P:P

    Ethel the Enabler
  9. Not only is there no cure, they have found a genetic component to the addiction. Which means you can blame your parents and your grandparents. :smile:
  10. Maybe it's just me, but I've actually found if you've bought at least an excessive amount of their bags and small leather goods (e.g. 10 bags and 10 SLGs), and have dabbled into their jewelry and clothes, you feel satiated. The greatest challenge is when you've bought a fair amount of their goods in more standard leathers like lamb and calf, and find you want to upgrade to their exotics. But then you realize the standard leathers are more versatile to begin with. Another challenge is identifying prospects in their runway collections, but once they finally hit the stores, the desire isn't as strong or you've just moved on. Good luck, but enjoy the process anyway and just be yourself.
  11. :faint::faint::faint:

    should have known better. you guys are really hilarious ...

  12. Oh, it's genetic? I thought it was contagious. Like a virus, or something in the water.
  13. Once you have it yes, it certainly can become contagious. It can spread fast too, and washing your hands does not seem to help.
  14. Being somewhat serious now, I went through something similar when I first came to the BV subforum. I am not an impulsive buyer by nature, but I've still acquired more BV items than I thought I would. BV items are realy tempting, and there are always new goodies being posted on the forum. But I realize that I can admire everyone's goodies here without needing to own them myself.

    Right now, I have several handbags and several accessories. I find that I'm much slower to buy these days because I've been getting good use of what I already have, and I really enjoy them. They're not just there as a collection--they're useful to me. I'm not on a ban, though. I'll still buy something if I really love it.

    Maybe it would help you if you started using your Roma and wallet? Then you might feel better about your buys--you'll be enjoying your purchases instead of just keeping them on a tally.
  15. Take your roma and wallet out definitely. you don't want to be guilty (as we all are/have been) of falling in love with something, hiding the acquisitions in the closet and then realizing you still have a closet full of unused bags/shoes/anne fontaine shirts/high waisted straight skirts, etc., etc., things that you had fallen in love with and then bought at a rapid pace! BV bags are so lovely too touch. use them!