BV 60% off a Bergdorfs

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  1. I just picked up a black Capri bag for my mom at 60% off in the NYC store. It was the only one, but they had a few other beautiful bags at the same discount.
  2. Congrats on the Capri! Wow! The sale is still on!?! Do you recall what other bags & colors were there?
  3. Wow! The advantages of being near the big stores. We never see these online. Congratulations!
  4. wow...wish I can be in NYC right now.
    congrats tho.
    your mum will be so happy.
  5. What a great gift!!
  6. She was thrilled! The NYC store still had a few BV left at 60% off. None of the more traditional styles, but one in particular was beautiful, but still around $4k. It was a large woven bag that looked sort of like the pyramid, but had a few different autumn tones in it. I think they had two.
  7. Wow! This discount level sounds really fantastic!
  8. Hi.. I was there yesterday..saw a woman snag an old ball bag in Noce..( too small for me)..there were 2 of the bags in woven saffron with drawstring closure and big flower applique pattern and ayers trim...saw the multicolor pyramid looking bag as well
  9. I wished there was a BG in Texas...
  10. have you got a contact/email so I can see if they're able to ship overseas? tia!