Buzzed About - cute and new to me :)

  1. Got a great deal on eBay for a slightly used black Buzzed About in Ryder leather. Ryder is just gorgeous, and is my first Tano in that leather. It's a great little messenger, around 10" wide and 11" long. It has a flap that folds over and closes with a snap. There are two small zip pockets on either side, and two compartments on either side of the zipped main compartment. Lots of room and fun to carry.

    1.jpg 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.jpg 5.JPG
  2. Hi Joan! Happy Summer! That is a really cute bag. Have fun with that one. I don't have any Ryder leather either.

  3. Very cute! The interior design reminds me of my Return to Roots, which I absolutely love. Do those size zippers lead to pockets, or are they just decorative?
  4. The side zippers are pockets, small, but good for keys and such. The front one is for decoration.

  5. Mm, that certainly looks like nice, thick chewy leather! Very cute "just for essentials" bag!
  6. That looks fantastic Joan...definitely a little bag from what I can tell! Congrats!
  7. Cute!