Buzz Aldrin event

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  1. I just want to know if anyone also attended buzz aldrin event?

    I think it was cool of LV to host an event and invite the second person to land on the moon to meet common people.

    The event was great! A lot of people showed up and a lot socializing and chatter. Everyone was there were having a good time. When I first arrived, the manager of the store greeted me and ask my name to check me off from their VIP list and warmly invited into the store. A girl next to her even commented on my mono vernis GM bag that she loved it so much.

    Well...I went alone; my friend bailed out on me the last min. well...more like he could not get out of his work due to the fact that his boss was there.

    So, i felt sort of lonely and wondering around the store when i was there. and just my luck, i bumped into one of my co-worker and her sister. they also purchased the books written by buzz aldrin and a mono galliera gm and we had the books signed. and we chatted throughout the whole event. we were such alcoholic! lol. drinking and chatting throughout and had a hell of time.

    my co-worker and i even had a deal that we would not tell anyone that we saw each other because we sneaked out from work. our excuse was we had doctor-appointment. yah, right? lol.

    anyway, if u did attend to the event, how was your experience?
  2. I hope your boss isn't on tpf, :P
  3. OOoooo....I would adore her even more!!!
  4. -Yeah but wouldn't you get in trouble for fibbing abut needing to bail out of work?;)
  5. Hi everyone, I have been invited to the Buzz Aldrin event in Chicago and I've never gone to one of their events since I live out in the suburbs and they always hold these things during the work week. But it would be very cool to meet Buzz Aldrin. Anywho, I think I'm going to go to this one, but I have NO IDEA how I should dress. How do people dress at these things? I'm a guy, by the way.
  6. Yah...but i am sure she would understand if she were on this forum. otherwise, buy her a cles to say sorry. i am sure that will make up for it. :yahoo:

  7. there is no dress code. you can dress however you wish to dress. i copied LV Spring/Summer 2010 menswear. shorts with long socks. u get the idea. haha.

  8. Our tPF King Vlad attended... it would be cool to go to such an event! :tup:
  9. Hi..I just got an invitation in the mail to the Chicago event too..

    My daughter who is going to major in Aeronatics at Purdue wants to be "my one guest" that is allowed. She is really pumped as here at Purdue (we actually live a few miles from campus) Neil Armstrong graduated from and Amelia Earhardt actually was also a professor.

    Anyways, I think the Chicago event will be a little more toned down than Chicago, but I guess you never know. Should be fun...Now, what will I wear? Hmmm...
  10. I got my invitation to the Chicago event, and put it aside.

    Now you've got me thinking...