Buyma website in Japan - has anyone tried it?

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  1. I know there is a website called that allows anyone to offer their service as a buyer of goods in countries outside of Japan and offer them in Japan to be purchased through this site, usually for less than retail. It's like etsy for buyers. I saw a TON of Celine luggage minis and phantoms - even the hard to get ones - offered. Of course I' m sure there are legit/not so legit vendors on this site as well - not sure how ALL of them could possibly get a hold of so many authentic Celine minis - but, anyway I was wondering if any tpfers in Japan has used this site to purchase a high-end item? Also I looked for a black stamped croc and learned that that style is really popular in Japan too (due to celebs seen carrying it as a 'mom' bag (!?) and is currently sold out there...(darn I was going to try and get one there!) Please share your thoughts on this site if you have experience! Thx!:smile:
  2. Sorry the correct web address is It's all in Japanese thoughts it's only offered to consumers there.
  3. are you going to try and buy from buyma?
    not sure how legit the site is but selling fakes is illegal and enforced so i would think it wouldn't just be anyone selling things on the site. But I've never used them before. Maybe try translating their question and answer section:
    also the Yen is a lot stronger to Dollar (about 80 yen to $1, it was 120 yen to $1 around 2007 or so) so some of the US sellers make money through the exchange rate too
    I was at the Celine store in Omotesando, Tokyo in June but didn't buy anything because the exchange rate made it not worth it.
    do you know someone who lives in Japan? Yahoo auction might be a option if you do. Its like ebay for Japan and a lot of designer resale stores have accounts. They have a few croc emboss phantoms listed (i think i remember you posting about the croc phantom earlier):セリーヌ+ラゲージ+クロコ&auccat=&aq=-1&oq=&ei=UTF-8&slider=0&n=100&tab_ex=commerce
    but the prices are kind of high, with exchange rate they are over US retail. and i would only purchase from the ones that are real stores, not the individual sellers. but most don't have international shipping so you do need someone who lives in Japan.
    But the prices on yahoo auction should give you an idea of the prices that designer resale stores in Japan might sell it for.
    Good luck

  4. Hi there and thanks for your input! :smile:I was just browsing the site and also rakuten global - not though (IMO yahoo auctions tend to have a lot of fakes in general). I speak Japanese so I could tell individual sellers vs actual retailers or resellers that are pretty reputable like Lauren Hills boutique, etc. I was getting quite desperate for a stamped croc Phantom in black - lol you guessed right! - so I was about to get my parents in Tokyo involved! But then what do you know, I just saw a listing just now by a trusted tPFer on eBay so I snagged it! I can't remember ever BIN-ing anything so fast! :biggrin:
  5. Has anyone had any luck with Buyma since this thread was started in 2012? I've been hunting for Celine bags lately and noticed Buyma has a better selection than Rakuten and Yahoo Japan. The prices are also reasonable. Aside from the language barrier being a problem, the sellers I've contacted so far are not willing to ship to North America. I know I can always use a proxy service but it's just a bit annoying when some of the goods are being dispatched from Europe. Instead of sending directly to me, they would have to be sent to Japan first then come back the same direction they came from. This just seems like a lot of time and money wasted.
  6. There is now a English version of Buyma.
    From this site you can buy anything you see and have it sent directly to your home everywhere including US, rather than from Japan (normally from European countries).
    In Japan Buyma started first as a social networking shopping just as if you ask your friend living in Europe or travelling there to buy something to bring back to Japan.
    Sellers in Buyma are normally Japanese living in European countries (generally women married to local people who live there) and they are genuine, responsible people.
    There are some inexperienced people selling at Buyma, so you could look for 'premium personal shopper' who have been certified by Buyma as reputable shoppers.
    Buyma has a very strict policy regarding authenticity and quality of items they handle and they have a 3rd party authenticity company buyers can use after receiving the item.
    If you buy with a credit card, the payment is not going to be deducted from the card until you have the item posted to you and you are satisfied with it.
    The only issue with Buyma is that it does not mean that everything you see at the site is immediately available.
    Some items have been already purchased by sellers, so they can post them straight away, but many are just 'listed' to order,
    when someone places an order through Buyma, the Buyma shopper would go to their local store and buy the desired item, so sometimes it is not available.
  7. Does sell authectic and brand new? Have you try before?
    I want to buy a bag but not sure is this web good or not. Please help.
    Thank you
  8. Hi, same here. I would also like to buy and hesitate. Any experiences? Thank you