Buying YSL at Overstock?

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  1. Has anyone ever bought anything from YSL at I noticed this website isn't on the list of retailers in the US and I was wondering if they're considered unreliable or what the deal is. Has anyone bought from them? Thanks!
  2. I have purchased from Overstock and know others that have as well.

    Sadly, I am yet to purchase luxury goods from them, but know that a girl in the Fendi subforum got an authentic piece from them. Overstock is a reputable store and I would not flinch to purchase luxe goods from them. You can still have your purchase authenticated for peace of mind, though.

    Best of luck!
  3. that site is surprising and great ! I saw two identical Rive Gauche bags listed, one for &800 and the other for $2500, and I grabbed $800 one :biggrin: Love them :P
  4. Oh ok! Thank you :smile: There's also a secret 5% off thing if you're interested in buying something from there anytime soon, you can find the click through link on :smile: lol
  5. Thank you for sharing this! I feel a lot better now. Even though it's a reputable store I still like to ask others about their experiences with it beforehand, it's just a habit I've gotten into. Thanks again!!
  6. thanks :graucho:
  7. LOL that little face just made it problem! :cool:
  8. no problem whatsoever :smile: