Buying while you're still in love? Calling all two-timers~

  1. Okay let us dish.

    Right now I'm in love with my Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap in Black. This is one of those run across fields and embrace kind of bag loves. I could write horrible rhyming poetry to it if forced.

    I even just tried to write a haiku for it! :nuts:


    But... valentines has come around and after much debate of what I feel like asking for. I keep leaning towards asking for another bag!! :shame: I am a bag zombie.

    However I just love my bag, I don't need another. My HG (holy grail) is in my hands!

    Am I crazy for thinking of another? Should I just go for black pumps like I need? Or jewelry to add to my costume jewelry collection?

    Do you ever feel like you're cheating on your HG bag for looking at others? Are you a two-timing bag buyer:graucho:
  2. Hahahaha
    I didn't realize it until a couple months ago that I have my holy grail bag, and ever since I acquired it in mid-August--surrrrrrrrrre I've looked and gawked at a million others, but never enough for me to want to buy another bag, at least, that I can currently afford.

    I do(!) feel bad when looking at other bags, but then I briefly compare them to my holy grail (a prada pushlock with gorgeous gold hardware), and I think, "Nah, mine is better." I also got a super deal for it, so it's hard to justify when I see other bags on sale that cost more or less than my HG.

    I can honestly say I have not bought myself another bag since mid-August, which is the total opposite of anything that happened before mid-August. Since buying my HG, my biggest splurge has not been until this month, for some patent M by MJ pumps and a Smythson agenda as of tomorrow.
  3. oh gosh, I just looked at your collection, you have indigo vernis~! I'm so jealous! If I could afford it, a chanel flap could easily become a new HG for myself, many girls dream of it! But I won't know till that happens, I like knowing my pushlock isn't the common pushlock.
  4. I love the Indigo color of Vernis! I got addicted right when it was leaving stores so I tried to get as many pieces before it totally went out. LOL That was ughhhh 4 price hikes ago :sweatdrop: Now I think about getting a Maple Sac in Indigo, but only sometimes ;)

    You're totally right, all I think about doing is window shopping. I get close to wanting to buy another, but I guess this is as content as I'll be. LOL I guess this is laHG (life after the holy grail) or rather I'll find another HG ;)
  5. HI!! great collection!! Can you still buy the Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap now? What other colors did it come in? TIA!
  6. Thanks. :flowers: Yeah the Classic Jumbo is always available. It usually comes in Black or White as the main colors and other colors come in seasonal. Right now the price point for it in Caviar 2,650.00 USD

    This is a great post about the prices of flap bags from Chanel
  7. LOLLLOL I love the thread title!
    I totally do this!! I fall in love with multiple bags at a time, especially during sale seasons! Needless to say, this is a very trying time for me... :p
  8. mew your post totally cracked me up!!! And yes, I can absolutely relate.

    The thing is, it's like having kids (I think, because I don't have any). You have your first child and you can't imagine loving anyone or anything even remotely as much. And then, you get pregnant again and you have another child and now you love that child in just the same way. You never stopped loving your first one, and it's not like there's a finite amount of love that your kids have to share. Your love just grows.

    This is how I view my bags! (Not trying to equate bags to kids, I'm just trying to draw an analogy, albeit poorly.)
  9. You said it so right though!! I am kid-free so I think of it as pets. I love each of them in their own way.

    Argh but this is so horrible for me, now I KNOW I can own more bags and have lots of love to spread. :sweatdrop: I'm overfilled with bag love :love:
  10. I can so relate. My HG bag is my Chanel flap bag I got in Oct 07. I am still in love with it and was quite surprised when a couple of weeks ago dh got me the Hermes Massai as a late Christmas present. It also became my HG bag even though I never knew it till I got it. So although it seems crazy, I now have 2 HG bags, lol.
  11. I cheated on Rebecca with Miuccia, but I'm going back!