Buying vintage Dooneys

  1. Has anyone ever bought vintage Dooneys ? I see ALOT of them online and in resale shops- often at very good prices. I'm just curious if anyone has ever bought any.... can anyone think of any pros/cons ??
  2. I have one which I bought when I was curious about buying a handheld bag. (I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and I didn't want to buy something that looked cheap) I got a handheld Dooney for $30+ from eBay.

    I love that bag. It is All Weather Leather and a nice color. I still carry it and it looks brand new!

    The only con was that it had a slight musty smell, and I got rid of that with an air-freshener.
  3. ^^I've bought quite a few on e-bay. The older AWL line holds up well and you can get some good deals. Of course, the style is a little date, but :shrugs: if you like it who cares?!