Buying Used

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  1. Do you think it's worth buying a used bag if your only saving $80 on small accessories to $150 on bags? I think to myself that I should just buy new. What do you think?

  2. with that price difference, i'd probably buy new. that way you know that you're getting an authentic item. i think it totally depends on the piece.
  3. for that price difference, I'd buy new.
  4. I would just save and buy new. :yes:
  5. For that saving I'd be buying new, but each to their own as a saving is a saving!
  6. Definitely new...the price difference is too small to not get a brand new bag. I think you should consider getting a prre-loved one if it's like new condition, etc and if the bag is rare/LE, etc
  7. I would only buy used if its a BIG saving off retail and the bag is in mint condition or if its no longer available. I would not buy used for less than $100 savings from retail especially if it is a used item.
  8. I do buy used bags sometimes, if they are in good condition and a big saving - like a $300 Coach for $100. But LV holds its value so much (used price is not much less than new) and there are so many fakes around I wouldn't risk it to save $100 off the price of a $700 bag.
  9. I only buy pre-loved if it is a HTF LE item. Otherwise, if it still exists in stores, new.
  10. I wpuld only buy used for a great savings or something I hardly ever use. My mono passport holder was bought used.
  11. I have bought a bag that was actually "brand new" and listed for nearly $100.00 off not including the tax so to me that was a good deal. I don't have a problem buying a bag/accessory if the item in question is in like new condition and I trust the source or seller. There are some very good reputable websites and sellers that I fully trust and if I can save $100 plus on new item, you bet I would.
  12. Agreed, buy new especially if the saving is not significant. It will give you peace of mind to know that it is truly authentic and you will be the 1st owner