Buying Used...

  1. Does anyone else seem to have a hard time bringing themselves to buy a used bag from somewhere like eBay or a consignment shop?

    For some reason I have a really difficult time. I can't quite put my finger on it, no matter how much I think about it and try to dissect my thoughts. The only thing that sticks out to me is that I'm not buying it right from the store which is an experience in itself. I'm not the one who wore the bag in and made it look the way it does.

    Anyone else crazy like me :weird:???
  2. It depends on the handbag. If it is something verrry special that I have wanted for a long time, I want the boutique experience. If it is just an everyday bag, and in like new condition, I don't have a problem buying used. (I just think of it like my big sister or good friend giving me one of their purses -- except I have to pay.;))
  3. I have to admit that I don't like buying used bags only because I never know how the previous owner took care of the bag. Since joining tPF, I have bought 5 used bags from fellow tPFers ... I figure at least I know that these bags would have been taken care of.
  4. I don't mind buying used purses, mainly because I'm a Balenciaga fan and sometimes the color I want are from previous seasons. Sometimes the older ones are more valuable than the new ones. But I only buy the ones in good condition.
  5. I understand what you mean...I have never bought a bag from eBay and probably never will-too risky! I always buy at department stores or online and I know that some of the bags I have purchased have probably been returns (for example, Chloes on sale at NMarcus).

    I do not have a problem with purchasing bags that have been returned to the store. Of course, they have to be in good shape. I once found a Chloe Paddington at Nordies on sale that still had forgotten makeup, but I did not buy it, because even though it was a good price, it did look very worn.

    I wouldn't mind buying from fellow TPFers, because this seems like a good and honest community of purse lovers.
  6. I don't mind buying a pre-owned purse but I much rather buy it from the store myself.
  7. Sometimes it's the only way I can find vintage Kooba bags. You would be surprised at how wonderfully some people can care for their bags. Sometimes it's worn maybe once and then put back into the duscover! I don't mind those. So long as it doesn't smell like smoke, has a thrashed interior and nothing is missing, I don't have a problem with it USUALLY. I've run into some nasty situations, but I insist on a refund. It's all how honest the seller is. eBay is full of gems.....
  8. I have purchased a few "previously owned" bags on eBay, but I did get burned once with a bag that was in "like-new barely used" condition, and when I received it, it was a wreck! I sent it back and luckily got all of my $$$ back, but others have not been so lucky trying to get their money back. I am very cautious what I buy and look for ones with little to no wear. You can find some really great buys and excellent bags, if you are patient and willing to take a chance. It is hard for me to buy a brand new bag that has not been put on sale yet. My tastes are high end (but my salary it not so high end! ha, ha!)
  9. I have gotten some great deals on Chanel with very little wear - some from pf'rs - on ebay :tup:
    I have also purchased from dept stores and the boutique but I sure don't mind a deal as Chanel is pretty expensive!

    I have found with Balenciaga however that I prefer brand new .... not sure why ...
  10. i understand how you feel...i keep my bags in excellent condition and have sold many on ebay...some of them were only used 1 or 2x....but when buying, i think for me, it has to do with my bag having it's own special history with me...for example if i travel somewhere with it, or had a certain experience while wearing it...i just like to buy them new...
  11. The only used bags I have are from local consignment shops. I prefer to buy goods that I can physically see or touch to know its exact condition. But after I join this forum, I may consider buying used bags on ebay if I know the bag is from a fellow pf'rs or from my poupettee recommended sellers.
  12. Agreed. If it's like new and it's a bag I like that I can't find new anymore, I'll buy it.
  13. I buy used bags al the time...but only if they are in good shape. I love the "Pre-Loved" MJ bags because the calf leather is already broken in and is soooo soft! :smile:
  14. I guess my biggest issue is with bags like LV where the leather darkens over time. For some reason having that already done bothers me. I agree that I have high end taste but not a high end salary (yet! Gotta graduate first!)
  15. I have purchased and found some of my most lovely and rare bags from consignment stores, and the MP. I've been gun shy about Ebay ever since I was sent a fake about 4 years ago. Some of the bags I've bought from my favorite resale shops still had tags on them or they were carried less than 10 times!!! I can't belive some of the deals I have found!