Buying Used vs New

  1. I have been lusting after a LV bag for years but always felt they were out of my budget. I'm going to save for one, but in the meantime, what are your thoughts of buying used on a place like eBay? I'm finding it to be quite a bit of work to go back and forth researching to be sure what I'm looking at is authentic or fake. Of course, for some of you who've been at this a long time it's probably easy for you to spot a fake and know what's worth bidding on. For someone like me who is new to LV is it best to just wait and buy new? Part of me says, buy used first and I will appreciate that new one sometime down the road so much more and another part of me says don't bother buying used since I'm not up to par on what to look out for.

    Those of you who've purchased used, have you been duped by scammers? Have you enjoyed using your previously owned items? I do love the fact that the previously owned bags have a lovely aged patina to the handles.

    What are your thoughts of buying previously owned versus new?

    Thank you!
  2. As long as it's in good condition I really don't care one way or the other. There's no LV where I live so my purchases are either restricted to travels or buying used online. Just do a lot of research, buy from reputable mypoupette sellers and post the auction here in the authenticate this thread and you should be fine :smile:

    P.S. Welcome to the forum!
  3. I buy both and have had wonderful luck. Post whatever you are looking at in the authenticate this thread and they will help you. I bought my Speedy 25 new (and my girls all got new Boutique bags for their first LVs for Christmas), but I just ordered two on E-Bay (used) - A Batignolles and a speedy 30. I also bought a Babylone years ago and it's gorgeous (but heavy). If I see a good used one, I have no problems at all going ahead and being thrilled with the savings.
  4. After getting my first LV in a boutique, I knew I needed MORE!! BUT... I decided to go the used route because of money considerations and I love the older (nice, not dirty) patina.
    I did my research (tons of reading here and elsewhere... easy to find info on fake vs real) and now have bought a few nice small pieces on eBay from trusted sellers.
  5. ebay can be great. i have been duped, as sellers have done the 'bait and switch' on me. however, i always use paypal and a credit card, so that way i am covered. i have also had great experiences on ebay and despite the bad experiences, i will still use ebay comfortably. good luck!
  6. i would take an LV anyway I could get it if it were in good condition.
  7. I agree with all the ladies....ebay can be great. Follow the suggestions and you shoukd be fine :smile:
  8. I was in the same boat as you are. I was worried that my inexperience would cost me in the long run. So I decided to purchase a few new bags until I get used to the feeling of a real LV. I think the learning experience you get from buying an authentic new bag (the feel, the look, the weight, the pattern, etc.) is worth the extra cash you fork over.

    as other have mentioned, I try and buy (but often get out bid!) only from mypoupette resellers on eBay. I also post on the "Authenticate This!" thread and ask for the help of the more experienced posters. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn.
  9. I've bought all of my bags but one used because I can have a better variety of bags that way. Do your research and you should be fine! :smile:
  10. Another vote for all the suggestions here. On eBay, either buy from mypoupette resellers or find a bag using and click on the links that the sellers have on the site. If you must purchase from someone who isn't on mypoupette, first pay mypoupette $5 and they will authenticate the bag for you prior to the end of the auction. Always pay with credit card via paypal. If the seller only accepts money orders, do not do business with them. I learned this one the hard way -- I sent a seller a money order and they never sent me the bag. I'm still trying to track them down with the help of the police.
  11. I've only purchased directly from the boutique a couple times. I live far away from the boutiques, and because I'm a poor, out-of-college gal, I need to have some savings for this expensive hobby! Ebay can be a great tool; I've saved several hundred dollars to make a nice little collection. When I'm tired of the bags, I either give them to my mother or sell them at a consignment store (which I did recently); and my losses aren't that much (maybe even getting more than I paid for!).

    Just be sure to do your homework and buy from reputable sellers. It's so much fun! And try to get a bag that's in decent condition; I made the mistake of getting some used bags that were overly "loved" and some things were just too irreparable!
  12. Careful when using eBay though!
  13. I too wondered, should I buy NEW or by USED on eBay and save a couple of hundred $$'s.

    Well, after about 2 weeks of searching eBay and seeing how much the USED bags are going for - I couldn't justify buying USED, even if everyone authenticates the purse and let's say it still turns out FAKE - I would be royally pissed!

    ---I said FORGET ABOUT IT.....and being that I am not a big risk taker, I decided to order from and yesterday I ordered my 1st Louis Vuitton - Batignolles Horizontal.

    I thought, it's worth spending a couple hundred $$ more to purchase a purse I know is authentic, no questions asked!!!!
  14. the few bags i got on ebay were from mypoupette resellers like authentic_lvlady and thehuangfamily. i'll always try to buy new if i can, and i'll only buy used if it's something that's been discontinued

    that being said, i just bought a bag that's still in production from the Marketplace, because it was a fantastic deal and in MINT condition :lol:
  15. yeuxhonnetes is right on the money! Both are great ebay sellers-- just do your homework first before hitting any "BIN" buttons!:idea: