Buying used shoes

  1. Hello,

    I was looking through eBay for a pair of Gucci mules and a question came to my mind: would you ever buy a pair of used shoes? If you did, were you happy with your purchase?
    I'd like to hear your comments.
  2. Yes I have bought used shoes - but none that were worn to death if you get what I mean - most of them had minimal wear. I love them all as I love any of my 'new' shoes.
  3. My favorite pair of Jimmy Choo flats were used. I got them on eBay super cheap. They were in excellent condition and super comfy. I asked the seller to send me close up pics of toe, sole and heel to make sure they weren't run down.

    I would definetly buy used again.
  4. i will totally buy used shoes on eBay as long as they are in great shape. I got a pair of gucci boots which the seller only wore once. the bottoms were [FONT=&quot]practically[/FONT] new.
  5. Yes I have but not very frequently..can be a little scary. Be sure to ask for lots of pictures, inside of shoe too...I got a great pair of Prada loafers once that I don't think had ever been worn. My friend bought a chanel pair on ebay and had the soles redone for $25.00 and they look great. So, the answer is yes...but proceed with caution.
  6. Yes, I buy used "high end" shoes on ebay all the tiem, I woudlnt' buy a pair of Ninewest or Steve Madden, But Choo, Manolo, Louboutin I do buy. I always ask for pics of the soles so you can see general wear, but I've had fabulous luck buying and selling my used shoes. Just make sure all pics are clear so you get good views of all angles of shoes, and mostly on the heel, to make sure it isn't scuffed or nicked too badly.
  7. Absolutely yes...I would and do buy used shoes!!!
  8. I havent done it but I will if they are used only few times.
    I myself only used my designer shoes few times only and then ready to move on to another shoes...and they are always kept in their boxes. So I can see nice quality used shoes.
  9. Personally, no, I have not and probably will never buy used shoes for the same reason why I can't go bowling :blush:
  10. I had never done that...I dunno whether I dont want to, or the fact that I cant differ whether they are authentic or not.How could u know that they are authetic?
  11. I have bought a pair of shoes on Ebay. Thank goodness you can see what they look like before you buy. I wouldn't buy if they look really worn.

    When I got them, I wiped them down really well.
  12. Thank you all. I didn't think that I could have some parts repaired, so they could look new again.
  13. I buy and sell used designer shoes on ebay. I've bought lots of Gucci and Chanel shoes on ebay with no issues....I bought a pair of Choos from there also. Many didnt even seem to have been worn. I dont mind the ones that have been because it is like someone else broke them in for me...which to me is a plus. I also wear hard to find size 42 and when I find them used on ebay I jump at them and likewise when I sell mine they go quickly. Gucci only makes so many each season and when they sell out they are gone and they often are gone early in the season. So ebay is sometimes my only hope for finding a style I loved but was never able to get.
  14. I just bought my first pair of used shoes on Ebay. No problems. It is a brand I love but an older classic style. I ahven't liked a lot of the styles I've seen this season so to me it's a plus I could find some items from last season.
  15. I bought one pair of Jimmy Choo's on ebay. They were only used once, and you could tell that because they really were in excellent condition. The bottom of the shoe barely looked used. The seller provided several close-up shots of the bottom and heels. I would definitely buy a pair like this again, but I would never buy a pair that has been used several times. Part of the excitement of buying the shoes is getting them when they are brand new and in brand new condition. I wouldn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes that have been worn out and look used.