Buying used LV- how important is a sellers attitude?

  1. I need everyones advice... So I am considering bidding on one sellers item. She has 91.7% feedback out of 20. The two negatives came simply because she won 2 items and did not pay. ALL her feedbacks have been from purchasing items (shes never sold anything). Shes been a member since Nov 2002.

    Her items up for auction: An lv wallet and petit noe. They look real in the pictures. She claims she purchased from a valid LV store that I used to shop at in the past. She states that she "will refund costs and shipping if wallet is found to be a fake." Of course with her low feedback count I felt inclined to ask questions (this was before she finally posted the above quote on her auction and provided a date code).

    Now that I look back, I asked her a total of 6 questions regarding both her items such as where it was made, purchased, if she is the sole owner, if there is a date code, letting her know where the date code is located as she had no clue, ect. She got back to me promptly each time and was kind enough to provide me with her phone number though I never called. The date code on the purse is valid but her wallet she said was fuzzy and she made it out to be SD6013 but was unsure. I asked her to double check and whether she has a clear picture of the date code and the next time she replied she said it was SD0013 and that she had a clear picture of the date code. My VERY last #6 message to her was to ask if she had a clear picture of the date code (I know I was bad it was now 7 hours before auction ends but I honestly thought she would have shown me earlier). She replied:

    "I understand your concern but I am not at my computer or camera right now. If your not sure, maybe my listing is not for you. good luck"

    I feel uneasy about the auction now I was hoping shed say something like 'sorry Im not at my computer now but I assure you that this item is authentic'. I felt great about it up until that reply. I was very courteous in each message I send her thanking her for answering each time. I don't mean to annoy sellers but I have been burned in the past and the LAST thing I want was to win another fake item.
    So my question now is.... Did she get annoyed with all my questions and just throw that take it or leave it attitude message out there because she was finally like arghh... fine, if your unsure then dont bid!!!! :rant: Or is she saying that because maybe her item really isnt authentic?? Item was made in USA with the date code SD0013 oh and she accepts paypal so does that mean i'm safe/protected even if I get a fakey item from her?

    Should I still bid? :shrugs:
  2. Can you post a link?:shrugs:
  3. I am sorry, but even if those items were 100% authentic GUARANTEED, I would still pass on her auctions! This seller's attitude STINKS!:yucky: SHE chose to sell on eBay therefore she SHOULD be available if there is ANY questions from potential buyers! JMO.
  4. Hehehe it's me again:graucho: OK if you feel uncomfortable don't bid,really need a good pic of the heatstamp to be sure. But her terms looked good meaning she'll refund shipping as well. If you decide to bid make sure you pay via Paypal with credit card, just in case.
  5. I'd pass on her just because she has a bad attitude. If they're really interested in selling their item, they should be willing to be able to represent it in the most positive way possible and answer all questions a buyer may have. I mean, you wouldn't just randomly plop down a huge sum of money for something you can't really see and don't know the history of. She might be the real deal but her attitude is a put off. I sell things on ebay too (just books and random stuff) and I try to answer each and every question a buyer may have, provide extra pictures etc. because I want them to feel confident in me and that I'm not just going to take their money and run or send them something that's in horrible condition.
    And as for the paypal thing, it's nice that she accepts it but should you request a refund, be prepared for a long fight. I had to wait 3 months before I could get my money back from a seller who never sent me a top I won.
    So I just say, if you really feel uneasy about her, it's best to stay away. Another good deal WILL come along. :smile:
  6. I will pass her too because of her attitude. She needs to post more pics that for sure. The items seem real but she can always took it from someone else. To me, the seller should be able to give detail pics when the buyers ask (if the seller has the exact item).

    I will stay away
  7. Either the buyer is using old or somone elses pics because something off!!! That wallet has been on ebay for WEEKS!!!! (same dented wallet)

    Don't bid!!!!!!
  8. I would also pass because of her bad attitude. I've run into sellers like that who get annoyed when you ask multiple questions. If they are selling something on Ebay, they should be prepared to asnwer questions in a courteous manner. :yes:
  9. Ooooo thanks lee!!! Your great! Everyone on this forum is great! =) *hands flowers* I love the support and help I get from this forum!